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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let's Have A Look On Few SEO Checklist Priorities

One does not need to be considering a new website design or website development to take up the benefits of SEO check list. Yes, SEO check list is a good idea even if you are starting from scratch. You simply work your way along with it and tick each and every part as soon as it is covered.

There are plenty of components to place on the top: coding matters, information architecture, on-page SEO that include text, graphics, tags, and importantly lots of good content. Other is plenty of off-page as well that is required to be put in place to make that you do not languish in Google’s no zone. Directory submissions, social media optimization, link building etc are few others on the SEO checklist.

Even though you have a well setup website, a running SEO checklist can provide a good opportunity for you to take up stock of its performance.  It will give you an idea and chance to go over and reconsider the areas where you feel website may be under performing or even recognize areas where you can potentially squeeze few extra returns from your online presence.

Let us have a look on few SEO checklist priorities:
  • Title Tag: Including keywords in the title tag is especially the most important aspect in search ranking. Are your keywords correct and present in the title tag? Are they in front of your title tag? Is it short and relevant? Ensure that your titles are unlike on each and every page.

  • Description Tag: These description tags are real important. They must describe the theme and content of the webpage precisely and concisely using the targeted keywords. As a whole they act as an advertisement for your webpage content. Try and keep your description tag short and simple around 160 characters or even less. Make sure that your keywords and Meta descriptions that you are focusing on are unlike on each and every page.

  • Header tags: Ensure that every webpage has an H1 header. They are also very important.

  • Content: Add fresh, unique and original content of about 200 words or more per page.

  • Navigation: How instinctive is your navigation? Does that flow? Are all your internal links working? Not sure? Run a link-checker all over them to calculate their integrity.
This way SEO checklist can help your websites strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Quality stuff. This should be a mandatory read for anyone in the world of SEO services. Glad I found you!

  2. This is a nice little checklist for anyone looking to improve their SERP to use. I'm familiar with many SEO Services, but I've never seen such a helpful guide to make sure you are using the right SEO tools for your benefit. Thanks!

  3. From my experience -- and I know a thing or two -- it's nearly impossible to get primo search results without consulting the best SEO company you can find. It's a tough pill to swallow, but it's just the world we live in these days. But I wish you luck no matter which route you take! :)



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