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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Make More Money with Your Blog In 2013

Welcome to Do you want to learn how to make money with your website. Here are the resources that will teach you how to make money with your website.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

5 Tools That Can Help You Manage Your Social Media Accounts Easily From One Place

It is advisable to maintain only the number of social media accounts that you can regularly monitor. Building a social presence effectively takes time and patience, and, more importantly, regular interaction with your audience. The most obvious choices are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but you could choose to add a few more if you could also think of a way to manage them effectively.

Logging into each site every day is not effective management. We have listed below 5 tools that can help you manage your social media accounts easily from one place: you just have to pick one - maybe two, depending upon your requirements.

This is a paid service with variable plans, has the facility to export data in CSV format, and offers excellent analytics. Crowdbooster will also identify fans / followers that are most interested in you so that you may isolate them and interact with them more if you wish to - and you probably should.

Most people are of the opinion that the auto-scheduler could do with a bit of improvement, but still, Crowdbooster is reasonably priced and gives you good value for money.

If you are not satisfied with the auto scheduling option of Crowdbooster, Hootsuite will provide you with a satisfactory alternative. Moreover, if you are fine with only five social media accounts, you can use Hootsuite for free. The analytics, however, are a paid service, and because of their comprehensive nature, well worth investing in.

NutshellMail email reports should be a good addition to your repertoire of social media management tools, especially If you are happy with networking on a few or all of the following sites only: Facebook, Twitter, Citysearch, Linkedin, YouTube, Yelp, Myspace and Foursquare. The email reports are graphic snapshots of your network activities and you can peruse them like any other business report. It makes sense to use this service since it provides you with the most basic management function at no cost. It would be like reading a newspaper about yourself just to stay updated when you are not going in for the more complicated range of activities offered by a tool like Postling.

Postling is one of the best there is, and especially with its SocialCast Reputation Management System, you can do a lot more than just monitor your social activities. Postling, as part of Local Vox, will give you free reports on your performance with suggestions for enhancement. You can also access a paid service with social media experts creating campaigns for you that are likely to be most profitable.

Apart from this, you get a daily digest of your activities every morning via email. Whenever you are mentioned on the Net, anywhere, you are notified so that you can take advantage of the conversation and carry it further to your advantage. The auto-scheduler is there, as it is with any other management platform, and so are the other standard features that you will find anywhere else, but the best part is the $1 full featured Trial for 30 days. If you are a small business thinking of getting a paid service, you really should try Postling before anything else.

Raven offers the most comprehensive package inclusive of SEO, PPC, Social Medial Monitoring and all the associated services required to run a successful business, small or big. While Postling is designed specifically for small businesses, Raven is what you need when the stakes are really high. And you don't even need to pay a dollar to try Raven for 30 days.

There is something else that you should probably have whether or not you are using these tools. And that is a dedicated email account for your social networking activities. You may not be allowed to log in as more than one user to the same email provider (if you have a favorite), but you can easily bypass this restriction by using two browsers. Use your regular browser to keep your regular email box open, and a different browser solely for the email dedicated to your social media accounts. Make it a part of your social media marketing strategy and you will never stand to lose a notification - plus, you will have everything more organized than ever.

Author Bio: Jason Smith is an online manager for Inbound Marketing Company. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.
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Using Public Relation For SEO

Public relation is not just limited to publishing press releases. You can benefit from its offline and online tools for creating a buzz about your business. By Using Public Relation for SEO, you will be able to gain links to your website. Your commercial reputation will soar and you will expand your consumer base effortlessly. 


Here is how you can use the power of public relation to strengthen the SEO of your site:

Leverage the Potential of the Social Networking Platforms
Your prominent presence on the social media will boost your brand image and get you more links. You should engage your visitors with highly useful and interesting content.

When you post shareable content on the social networking sites, it catches the attention of your potential customers. They share what you have posted on the sites with their friends by giving links. In turn, the friends comment on them and your potential customer base widens.

Do not forget that only that content will be shared at top speed, which promises to bring some gains to the visitors. For instance, if you run a contest and give away free lunch or spa session as the prize, you will definitely create a buzz.

Preferably, your content should achieve maximum exposure for your business. For instance, you can reward those customers who share pictures of your business, events, products and their experiences and provide backlinks to your site. You will gain links and huge SEO benefits.

Arrange an Event in Your Local Bar or Restaurant
Events are a great way of attracting the attention of the people. You can organize such events in any restaurant or a bar, which is easily accessible to the masses. Your guest list should include people from various backgrounds like journalism, blogging, advertisement, your clients and your friends.

Now, you should publicize the event over the web. Giveaway royalty free cartoons and images so that people can write about the event and share them online.

Get Reputed Journalists and Bloggers Make a Mention of Your Business
You should communicate impressively with the well-known publications in your area or your industry. It will help you get publicity when they talk about your business and products.

Call up the authority, who deals with the matters related to your business and reveal something interesting about your company. Invite the journalists to visit your location so that they can see it and write about it.

For instance, if you own a spa, you should contact the local beauty magazine and invite the reporters to visit you. When they come over, you can show them around and give them a free demonstration of your services.

You have to present something unique and writable about your business to draw the attention of the press. The links that you gain through these articles will increase your popularity.

Connect With Review Sites and Offer to Hold Events
The role of review sites in boosting SEO is exemplary. Sites like Yelp can help you get great links. You should contact these sites and propose to conduct events for their top people free of cost. In this partnership, you will have to arrange a very attractive event for their VIPs. In turn, they will bring many influential people to the event for promoting your brand.

Consequently, you will benefit in the form of great reviews from the people who matter. Even before your business has really grown roots, it will be known online. You will receive a huge number of links and that will benefit your SEO.

Publicize On Your Site about the Reviews and Mentions in the Publications
You should capitalize further on the reviews and mentions that you received on the articles. Advertise on your site about these achievements. When other websites notice them, they will know that your company carries a lot of weight. They will link back to you. Hence, you will gain in terms of SEO.

Use the Experience of the Pr Staff to Choose the Content
When you post online content, you should be choosy about their nature. The content should be impressive to your target audience and gain higher ranking with the search engines. You should utilize the experience of the PR staff, which is familiar with the workings of the search engines and the preferences of your target audience. Their expertise in these matters will win you powerful links.

Author Bio: Jason Smith is an online manager for SEO Company. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Boost Your Business Website with SEO Services Fort Lauderdale

This article gives you a fair idea regarding how to boost your business website with the help of seo services.

If you are wondering why you should hire and employ a SEO services Fort Lauderdale for your business, the answer lies right in front of you. You must already be aware that a seo service can help your business in gaining an enhancement of visibility for your business and thus bring in lots of traffic to your website with the help of several intelligent marketing strategies and techniques. Here is a simple over view of the various internet marketing techniques that a seo company can implement in order to increase your customer base and also the sales revenue of the business in the process.

Having a business website is completely meaningless unless your clients and other prospective clients are able to view and visit it. Most people look and search for local business regarding all kinds of topic with the help of the search engines on the internet. They do not usually search for the company name of any business simply because if they knew the name of the company at the first hand, they would simply visit the site directly instead of searching the internet.

This also means that the search engines of the internet also requires a simplistic way for associating your business website with the kind of business products or the services that you provide so as to let others know about your business. They do the task by scanning your website for deciding on what your website is all about. This process is alo known as crawling. For instance, if someone is searching for a term like seo services in Fort Lauderdale, this entire phrase is known as the key word and the job of the search engines is to look and list for all those pages that have these words or the phrases in them and highlight them on the search engine pages as a result.

For obvious reasons, you would want to showcase your business website higher on the search engine pages so that people are able to locate and spot your website easily. This is where the seo services play a vital and a big role. The professional seo services firm makes sure that the searching phrase or the words are mentioned on your website in such a manner that the search engine will be able to showcase your website when someone searches for these exact terms.

There are many other techniques that are used for highlighting your website on the internet search engine pages like implementing organic seo to the business website. Another direct way of landing on the search engine pages is to make use of the pay per click advertising. The PPC ad campaigns appear on the front pages of the search engine result page and if someone clicks on the ad it can increase the footfall of traffic on your website. You only need to pay the search engine for such PPC ad campaigns if someone clicks on the ad that is visible on the search engine pages and visits your website in the process.
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Monday, March 04, 2013

Why You Should Not Ignore Landing Page Optimization

A landing page on your website is where you INTEND your visitors to land. Whether you are getting visitors from organic search results or PPC campaigns, your page description (meta data) and your ad copy are telling your visitors that you have what they want. If you direct them to a page which fails to live up to the promise, you will be left with a particularly high bounce rate. Why you should not ignore landing page optimization may be explained by knowing why you need one in the first place.
What did you promise ?
Consider the case where you are selling a product that helps people to lose stomach fat with a proper exercise regimen and diet. If your copy reads something like 'Get a ripped midsection in 2 weeks flat', it will attract all sorts of visitors including ones that are not willing to work out. Try something like '3 minute workout sessions and your kitchen, to trim belly fat forever' (not the best copy in the world, but you get the idea!), and you have targeted visitors. To clarify: visitors who are landing on your site now expect to find information about 3 minute exercise routines and a simple diet plan that they can make in their kitchen without a fuss.

What have you delivered ?
Are you selling? Pre-selling? Seeking subscribers? You need a landing page. You could create a squeeze page that promises the information in the form of a two week email course or simply as an Ebook. Or, you could have a full blown sales page complete with a video and lots of testimonials. In each case, your content or call to action must be in synch with the copy that got your visitors interested. There must be clear mention of those three minute workout routines, and there must be mention of an easy to follow diet.

It is easy to see why you should not ignore landing page optimization. A landing page builds trust (you have delivered what your ad promised), gets you subscribers (they can trust you with their email now) and increases conversion (they were targeted visitors to begin with, and they found exactly what they were looking for).


  1. Prioritize: The typical visitor must be able to see clearly information about what you promised. Do not put in content whose purpose is not immediately clear. Website visitors are typically impatient. If they face a scholarly essay on workout and diet instead of the tips you promised, they will leave. Keep that stuff below the fold for SEO purposes and FOR further persuasion. Live up to your promise first.
  2. Confuse - NOT: Too much information about your product or, heaven forbid, about similar products on the same page will lead to confusion. Do not presume that you can get backend sales in this manner. If you give them choices, your visitors will want to research more, not buy immediately.
  3. Get Real: People need to trust you to buy from you. It does not matter how compelling your sales page is, they still want to know who you are. Keep your contact details, with or without a mugshot, at a prominent location on the page. It does not have to be the first thing they see when they land, but it should not take more than a second to find either.
  4. Focus: You want laser focused content on the landing page, and that includes navigation. Do not keep all sub-categories of your site in the navigation. If you want people to visit a specific page like About Us, that's okay. Contact Us - definitely. Learn More - yes, if you are pre-selling through your landing page. Home page - naturally. Keep the navigation near the top and at the bottom of the page so that it is easy to find.
  5. Limit: Using too many keywords to optimize is especially problematic if you just have a squeeze page. Use the page for one purpose only, and limit the keywords it can be found for. Again, your landing page is only for targeted visitors who want what you promised them. Limit also the info you ask on your subscription form: an email is all you need.

When you have a landing page with a clean design and content relevant to your ad, you not only make sales, but build a reputation as an honest marketer. When you have reputation, you have return visitors and a stable SERP placement - compelling reasons, surely, why you should not ignore landing page optimization.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online manager for BCVAWEB - video editing dallas. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.
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7 Essential Tools That Can Help You as a Guest Blogger

Whether you are trying to get more traffic to your blog or working on improving your reputation as a freelance writer, guest posting on other people's blogs is something that carries a lot of weight. You get credit for what you write, establish your reputation as an expert in your field, and get backlinks to your own blog. When you write for others as opposed to when you are adding content to your own blog, you have to be doubly careful. Your posts will make or break your reputation. Indeed, the quality of your posts must attain a minimum level to be accepted at most blogs. It is not enough to be a good writer: you must have proofreading skills as well. You will also need images appropriate to your posts. There are quite a few things that you will need to make the most of your time. Listed below are 7 essential tools that can help you as a Guest Blogger.

1. Language tools
WordWeb has been around for quite sometime now. It is a lightweight dictionary cum thesaurus which sits on your system tray. will check your paper for grammar, plagiarism and style and provide explanations regarding them. is the newest site for checking language usage and more. Grammarly is available as a browser extension and an MS Word integration. You can avail of the entire package if you buy a subscription. If writing good articles in flawless English is a priority for you, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try, especially since it has a 7 day trial.

2. Capture tool
When you are making a post - especially when it is some kind of tutorial, you will need to catch the action that you describe in real time and illustrate your posts. There are a number of screen capture utilities available. Some of them, like the FastStone Capture, have an image editor included. However, such elaborate software comes for a price. Use AnalogX 'Capture' instead. Capture is a very lightweight free program that takes screenshots of the desktop or the active window. It is also free.

3. Image Editing Tool
You don't need to learn Photoshop to optimize your images. Use Irfan View instead, which is lightweight but versatile. It also plays video files.

4. Image Finding Tool
Instead of going over to stock photo sites, you should head straight to Flickr. Use the ones that display a creative comments License: you can use them so long as you credit the author.

5. Video Tool
The Freemake Video Converter is a free Windows utility that converts video files and makes them web ready. You can also create videos on your own and even from images. When you have to make a post where using multimedia is an option, this software comes in handy.

6. Organizing Tool
Evernote is an MS Word (or Open Word) alternative that is much more than just a word processor. You can organize your entire portfolio, notes and images and even take screen captures with this utility. It creates a searchable database as you add documents to it. If you blog regularly you will be quite lost unless you keep track of things. The free version addresses most requirements and is a must if you are seriously into blogging or freelancing.

7. Social Networking Tool
When you are guest-blogging, you obviously want people to know about your work. However, being successful at your job usually leaves you with little time for networking. If you depend upon Tweeter to publicize your work, you would need to tweet multiple times a day to reach followers from different time zones. Ditto with Facebook where your status updates will be lost amongst numerous others unless you keep updating at set intervals.With Bufferapp you can schedule tweets and Facebook posts and streamline the entire operation. This is a web based app that costs $10 per month but has a free plan as well. The free plan is obviously limited, but there is a lot that you can do with it.

The 7 essential tools that can help you as a guest blogger have been divided into seven broad categories. This is because things change, and what is free today can very well come for a price later. If you focus on the categories, you will be able to find alternatives to almost everything that has stopped being free. Always keep your guest blogging repertoire updated and you will find writing a breeze.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online manager for Right Lawyers - who are experienced divorce attorney. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.
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3 Innovative Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Every blogger wants traffic, and with uncommon sources, there is less competition. If you can get somewhere before others did, you can receive a huge spike from an untapped source and even write about it and stand out as an expert. Unfortunately, most methods of getting traffic have been done half to death at least. It is difficult if not impossible to find a source that no one else knows about. Still, here are 3 innovative way to drive traffic to your blog that are yet to be exploited to the fullest.

Previously this site had a dot com address. This is actually a code sharing site where only text is allowed. You cannot put live links or anchor texts in the documents that you create. According to Dig Site Value, Pastebin receives 4,653 unique visits per day. Create an account at Pastebin and paste your stuff there. Make sure your article is one that generates interest. Techniques that may be used in an HTML enabled environment do not work here. The traditional method of giving something of value to receive something else in return seems the only way to impress the visitors here. Select your keywords, use them in the text body, in the title and in tags. Set the document expiry date to 'never' and add a link to your site under the title and near the bottom where the article ends.

Present yourself as an expert in your field. Set up a small collection of useful articles in your niche. Update at regular intervals. Treat this place like a mini blog. Visitors from Pastebin are ones that are truly interested in your work - they will take the trouble to copy-paste your link in the browser to reach your site. Being too persuasive may be counterproductive with such an audience. Even if they do not buy anything, if your content is reasonably good, they will stick around to read. Such visitor retention ought to help your search engine ranking.

2. Yahoo Answers
Real people asking real questions - a goldmine not yet fully explored. Bloggers are beginning to catch up, though. Select your niche and answer questions. Don't just write anything off the top of your head. If your answer gets voted as the best answer, it will remain on top of all others. You can put in live links to show where you have gathered your information from. Do not keep inserting your own link in all your answers - or, if you must do that, make sure you have included other sites too. If you fail to do this, your account will be banned in no time.

Yahoo Answers is particularly valuable because if you go through the questions carefully, you can find out who is interested in buying. Beats having to sift through zillions of keywords to find the 'buying' ones. This, of course, translates to targeted visitors, again.

3. Document Sharing Sites
There are a number of sites like Scribd and Docstoc that will let you upload a PDF or a PowerPoint presentation, and optimize your content with keywords. Create a useful document that will arouse interest in your product so that readers may be enticed to visit for more. Create accounts in as many such sites as you can monitor properly and simply upload your document after saving it as PDF (free software like Open Office can do that for you). Include links to your site; add affiliate links too if you are into Affiliate Business.

For this to show results, you must optimize the document as you would a web page. Browsers can render PDF files without requiring it to download - this simply means that a PDF is indexed by search engines. This did not happen with old versions of the software when the rendering used to be done as an image. You will receive targeted visitors from among your readers as well as from search engine results.

There you go - 3 innovative way to drive traffic to your blog, as promised. Did we say 3? Here's a bonus fourth method: use an online resource like Odiogo to transform your posts into podcast. Why limit yourself to readers alone? Now you can have listeners as well, and podcasts are iPod friendly too. Follow the simple instructions to set up a valid feed ID from your RSS feed, and you will have tapped into a relatively unsaturated method of getting visitors to your blog.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online manager for Superior Notary Services. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about traveling notary.
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Saturday, March 02, 2013

How to Promote a Brand without Using Facebook

If you are currently struggling to get your brand known in the industry, then you must learn how to promote your brand through more effective strategies aside from Facebook. Even though there are many businesses that are benefiting through the advertisement methods on Facebook, it isn't the best way to advertise a brand. The chances of actually getting people to click on your ad while on Facebook is very small, because there are so many competition. Besides, you will be wasting money on Facebook ads and not even get the needed advertisement you were expecting. There are many other ways to market a brand, and those methods are free and are way more effective than people think.

How to Promote a Brand without Using Facebook

Making Use Of Mobile Marketing
The average person spends at least three hours on their phone everyday, and that isn't even including the time when they are emailing or surfing the web on their phone. Therefore, when people get texts promoting a brand, whether they like it or not, they will read what your brand has to offer. It is a simple business method that not many businesses are doing at the moment. It is fast way to get more people know about your brand while it doesn't involve you wasting any time. Plus, textile possible customers will not involve wasting anyone's time because they can read the text whenever they want.

Making Use Of Email Marketing
You should also consider to make use of email marketing, as over 40% of people read all the email they receive. There are so many people at the moment who don't know how beneficial email marketing can be for them. This is exactly why it is a smart way to advertise your business. Since not many businesses are doing this method, there is less competition. It is very simple and will really benefit anyone when trying to increase their recognition of their brand.

Making Use Of Affiliate Marketers
One of the greatest and free ways to promote your brand without using Facebook is through simply making use of an affiliate marketer. When you have affiliate marketers promoting your brand, you will be gaining lot of sells without actually doing anything. The only downside is that you will need to give those affiliate marketers a percentage of whatever products they have sold through promoting your brand. This is a very smart way to market a brand that sells intriguing products because it doesn't involve wasting anytime whatsoever. Although you do need to give affiliate marketers a percentage of what they sell, they will really help you brand gain a tremendous amount of recognition:

Creating Blogs To Promote Your Brand
You could also hire artists or writer articles on a blog that revolves only on the promotion of your brand. This is a very simple yet intelligent way to promote your brand because it is completely free to start a blog. This method will even increase your online presence, allowing for people to easily search for your brand online. There are so many people who don't know how beneficial a blog can be for their brand, therefore making it a method with less competition than other promotion strategies. Blogs are very beneficial when it comes to promoting brands because there are many people online that just surf the web to read interesting articles.

Creating Videos To Promote Your Brand
The last method that will also benefit your brand is simply making videos on YouTube that are promoting your brand. There are millions of people on YouTube everyday, therefore if you can get a quarter of those people to watch your brand promoting video, it will be able to gain a ton of recognition. Creating videos will involve taking time and promotion of those videos, but it still is a very effective strategy that will really benefit you. Your videos don't need to be professionally made because all it needs is to show people how beneficial your brand is and how it can benefit them.

If you want to have your brand known by more people in just a short period of time, then you most definitely should consider to make use all of the effective strategies stated above. When you know how to promote your brand, the process of gaining more recognition for your brand will become a lot easier.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online manager for - which offers parts dipping baskets. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Connecting Social Media with Google Analytics

Measuring Return On Investment on social media used to be difficult because all of us needed a new paradigm to test conversions. Should I measure success by likes, comments, traffic to my main website, others? These and other questions needed answers in the form of tools and establishing new metrics. Social media marketing is here to stay, that is why we needed new tools to measure results in order to improve them.

Most tracking is done by "listening" to social media conversations, which means counting likes, tweets, comments, sentiment analysis and what is happening overall. But the question remains, is this the best way to measure Return On Investment?

Connecting Social Media With Google Analytics answers this question by providing users with a reliable way to measure how all this activity affects the bottom line. I will show the elements responsible to make this a reality:
  1. Overall Analysis: Where do your visitors come from? do they like your content or do they become a bounce statistic? Each website wants to achieve specific things, therefore setting up goals matching business goals and testing how close your offer is to consumer's demands is now possible. The most important benefit from Google Analytics in general is new knowledge in the form of insights provided by how your visitors behave. When adding social media to this mix it becomes a powerful source of actionable information so you can be able to tune your website and offer in accord to behavior from visitors from these social sources.
  2. Foundations: The first step is using the latest version of Google Analytics. Although Google rolls out new specs incrementally there are always deadlines to upgrade to the latest version. It is always advisable to be among the first in trying new features because sometimes the only way to learn about cutting edge specs is through trial and error. If you are using the latest version, the first step is identifying your cornerstone traffic sources. These traffic sources can be the ones providing you the most visitors, the most conversions and specifically the ones most important to achieve your business goals. In this phase you should determine which social media sites where you have a profile provide more traffic for you.
  3. Advanced Segments:Once these social media traffic sources are determined the next step is the creation of Advanced Segments for these websites and to divide this traffic on order to see individually what these visitors do inside your website. There is always the choice of creating various Advanced Segments if you wish to see the difference among each other. As an example you can create an advanced segment for Twitter, Facebook and of course, Google+ in order to compare them side by side according to your criteria.
  4. Traffic from Different Sources:
    Once you are in the phase of adding advanced segments you can add filters to divide traffic sources from the same social media site. This gets increasingly important in order to test for promotions and advertising and its Return On Investment as I mentioned in the first paragraph. It is at this point where the powerful tools brought to you by Google aid directly in measuring not only the effectiveness of your advertising and efforts but to see where you can improve by checking the ratio of traffic and conversions themselves.
  5. Integration:
    When the investment or presence on social media is considerable you might want to use other tools to check your efforts outputs. This is where Google shines by providing best in its class API's support to 3rd parties which add extra value to your social media Analytics. An example is Hootsuite, which besides providing you with tools to measure your conversations you can integrate it with Google Analytics. The tracking features enhance the base specs of Google Analytics by making it less time consuming to check several websites at a time, all in a single dashboard. The credit goes to Google Analytics because they make it possible.
Connecting Social Media With Google Analytics gives you the possibilities to track your impact. The predefined reports are also the standard to test the effectiveness of your individual or team's effort by pre-selecting Key Performance Indicators (KPI) brought to you by best practices and the talented guys at Google. Analyzing Social Media gets increasingly easier and this only helps to fire its already booming explosion and reach.

Author Bio: Jason Smith consults companies on online marketing, product development, and strategy. During his free time he enjoys reading about human behavior and visits christian church san jose regularly.
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Common Mistakes That You Might Be Making With Your Social Campaign

You have heard successful stories about companies that have reaped numerous benefits from developing and implementing effective social campaigns. Walking down that road has not been easy for you as you can't just seem to get anything from it. The problem could be that you have not come up with good social campaign to get the desired results.

Some of the common mistakes that you might be making with your social campaign include:

Not Measuring Results
This is not a new mistake to marketers as the concept is overlooked. All people do is set the measurements in terms of trends, volume, mentions, geography, word clouds and age etc. It is however important to measure all the information that pops up online. This will help you to gain valuable insight on the relationships as well as patterns that work. Finally, you need to consider the impact the campaigns have. This is the only way you will know whether they are working to your advantage or not. If not, this can help you come up with measurable and specific actions.

Not Setting Clear Objectives
This is one of the common mistakes that you might be making with your social media campaign. Most companies usually set up pages on Facebook and Twitter without really knowing what to do with them. You need to think carefully about the reason why you are creating the pages. Is it to attract people to the site? Build brand awareness or is it an avenue where you will be getting feed back from clients whether it's to make comments or air their complaints. Having clear cut objectives go a long way to ensure you run successful campaigns.

Limiting Yourself
When people talk about social media, most companies usually think that the only available options are Linkedln, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. This is not true because even though they are the most popular there are still other options that people can use to make their businesses better. Look out for various options to have a variety of platforms that can be used to interact with potential as well as existing customers. This way, you will also be able to tap into a different market of those people who don't like to be associated with mainstream social media sites.

You Don't Interact
You cannot just set up pages and leave them to run themselves. This is one of the common mistakes that you might be making with your social media campaign. Most companies usually say that they do not have time to run the pages as they are busy handling other core issues of the business. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, it would be better to hire a social media consultant to do the job, interacting with your customers regularly helps to make them feel special and this leads to loyal customers who also invite their friends to your page because of the great service they get.

You Lack an Attractive Landing Page
If you don't know how to create a landing page, it could be the reason why your social media campaign is not working. A successful campaign usually consist of a great prospect that is channeled through social medial sites which links to a landing page on the official website which in turn will bring in a new customer. This implies that if you don't work on the landing page, you might not get to the stage of getting new clients. This also means that you will not be able to track ROI (return on investment. Without this there is no campaign you are working on.

You Don't Have a Sales Campaign
There are quite a number of people who think that social media can only be used for building brand awareness and nothing else. This is actually not true as it can also be used to drive sales by developing sales campaigns on the pages. This way, you will get more customers to help in the growth and expansion of the business.

You Don't Re-market
Not re-marketing your ideas is also part of the common mistakes that you might be making with your social media campaign. Not everyone who visits your page will automatically become a customer. Maybe they will come back later and purchase items thus you ought to always plan on re-marketing strategies that could end up giving you great results.

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