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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Key Tactics for A Successful Guest Post Campaign

6 tips to help you get published on quality guest blogs

Guest post campaigns have become a popular way for guest bloggers to create a reputation online, as well as promote client’s websites. Likewise, it’s a great opportunity for webmasters to attract fresh topics and quality content for their site. However, if you’re a beginner to the guest blogging realm, you might not know how to strategically kick off your guest post campaign. Well the good news is that I’ve learned a lot since I started writing for my current employer and I’m more than willing to share some tips with you to help you get starting on your first guest blogging campaign…
  • Do your research: Sure, you can find all sorts of blogs that accept guest posts, but a strategic guest post campaign is more than just writing posts and flinging them at any old site. You want to make sure your articles get posted on sites that are not only relevant to your writing area and clients, but blogs that accept guest posts and have a good readership and page rank—such as authority sites on unique, niche topic areas.
  • Generate fresh ideas: Once you have found a blog that you want to submit an article idea to, you will need to come up with a fresh article that will get the webmaster’s and their readers’ attention. For instance, if your topic is about health and fitness, look to other authority sites on the same topics and see which posts are the most popular (or have the most comments). This way, you will be sure to write on a topic that people are interested in.
  • Write quality content: Webmasters aren’t interested on posting your spammy drivel on their quality sites. That’s why it’s vital that you are providing quality content and not spammy content if you expect it to be published. If it is spammy, chances are webmasters will reject your article right away and you will have wasted a lot time of time in effort on nothing. However, if you create good, quality content that’s useful for readers, your guest article will be publishing almost every single time.
  • Keep track of which blogs you’ve contributed to: After a month of guest blogging, it’s going to be difficult to remember every single webmaster and blog you’ve submit articles to. I recommend keeping track via an excel spreadsheet, and break down the categories into the following:
    • Blogs that have accepted articles
    • Blogs that have rejected articles
    • Non-responsive blogs
    • Blogs that have yet to publish a promised article
  • Communicate with webmasters: Not only should your pitch emails be as clear (i.e., tell them what you want to write about) and as personable as possible (use their name and the name of the blog), try to work with the webmaster to decide on a topic idea that will be useful to their readership. After all, they know their visitors better than you do.
  • Save copies of your articles: I save all copies of my guest posts in file folders on my desktop. This not only helps me to remember which article titles and ideas I’ve already used—it also allows me to rewrite a similar topic if I’ve already done the research or use rejected articles to write for another guest blog.
About The Author
Caeden M MacGregor is a staff writer for Prestige Marketing, a Vancouver SEO firm specializing in organic and paid search marketing. Caeden has written for numerous blogs on a variety of topics ranging from guest blogging to landing page optimization.


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