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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guest Post: Doing Internet Marketing for a New Website

If you've recently gotten a website developed and you're ready to start making money with your brand new online marketing tool, there are some things you need to know. First of all, your web developer may or may not be the right person to talk to about Internet marketing and getting your website into a higher rank in the search engines. Over the last decade, as more and more websites take their spot online, it has gotten more and more competitive to be seen after you develop a website. Though it may seem hopeless for a small town business to get a website up online and actually get traffic, it is possible. Indeed, it happens every day. But, if you're not willing or able to invest a lot of time and money into marketing your website, you'll find that your website will probably still do okay online but you may not get rich doing your business via the Internet.

If your website is brand new and you want to start getting traffic to it, start by developing the website content. If you have your own custom content management system, you may have your website developed to completion, but still be wondering how to get content up online to talk about your products and services. Getting content in the form of words onto your website is an essential piece of the puzzle that you absolutely must conquer before you'll start getting much attention from visitors or search engines.

If you've already developed the website content, then you're ready to start doing SEO and SEM. SEO and SEM are related, but slightly different from each other. SEO, or search engine optimization involves integrating content and links into your website to specifically provide web crawlers with information about your business. SEM, or search engine marketing, in contrast is advertising that you pay for on the search engine. For example, advertising that appears at the very top of the page on a Google search is website marketing that website owners have paid for. Advertising along the side of the page on a Google search also costs something. Content and links that are included on your website, in contrast do not necessarily cost anything (unless you're paying an SEO expert to put together a package to help your site get ranked higher).

By paying for advertising on search engines (SEM) when you first get a website developed, you can help generate traffic to your website in a straightforward manner. Meanwhile, developing high quality content with specific keywords embedded can help you raise your search engine ranking over time (SEO). Creating appropriate internal links on your website as well as getting external links going to and from other websites will also benefit you by helping search engines recognize your importance in the "web community".

This guest article is by Dave Ritchie. Dave is a freelance technical writer currently interested in spyware removal.


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