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Friday, August 12, 2011

How to Raise Your Search Engine Ranking and Set Keywords for Website

What are the most significant to search engine ranking? There are 3 factors that are most important:
If you want to do this remember the following tips.

  • The most important keywords shouldn’t more than five, if there is a lot of keywords show, you can split.
  • The other Web Pages and targeted optimization for these Web Pages also has a “doorway page” effect.
  • The main keywords must be enabled for all Web Pages and according to the webpage content would be better to increase keyword density. The primary keyword must saturate to the list of product categories, and display on other product related page. The secondary keywords must be used to fill the expansion content on the website.
  • In general, there is no connection between the targeted keywords and the new features for the site. The owner of the website only needs to clear the categorization the keywords and applications, and then do their best to concern the knowledge. You must focus on the traffic “transformation” and “dialogue” to start the network marketing.
  • Effects of long tail keywords are a natural selection in most cases, and there is not necessary to take lot of time on it. For a small business website, you can use the core keywords; you will get a good value.


Please note that the length of the title must be limited to 180 characters, you will write better full sentences and go around the keywords at the same time. It is better to make sure that adequate information, in order to attract customers, you must have keywords in your title tag appear 1-2 times, and the main keywords should be to move forward.



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