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Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest Post: How Can Keywords Bring Traffic To Your Site?

Nowadays, most websites are built for profits. With the popularity of making money from blogs and other sites, it gives rise to different websites solely made for money. The acronym MFA is also popularized by such websites which means "made for Adsense". While everyone strive to earn money from their sites, they employ different techniques yet not everyone can be successful. Even if you are not checking the statistics, you can conclude that number of websites double every year, or probably increases exponentially. But the sad truth is, some websites are getting very low traffic which translates to low income or nothing at all. One great way to resolve this is issue is to publish SEO-friendly content that will drive readers to your webpage. Your content should catch the attention of first-time visitors and loyal readers. And now that Google Panda has been hitting a lot of websites, it is important to carefully analyze your content and the keywords on it before hitting the publish button.

Why do you have to create SEO-friendly content while you have readers that love your own style of writing?

That is to generate more traffic. SEO-friendly web content pulls targeted traffic to a web site. These represent the guests who may bring site conversions. Whether or not a web site is designed to become profitable or otherwise not, without any visitors, it's unproductive.

Search Engine Optimization can help you achieve your goal of getting site traffic and converting them to sales.

The key component of attracting targeted traffic through SEO is keyword. When people surf the net, they type keywords into the search bar. There are keywords that are more frequently searched than others. If you find out which usual keywords are used often, you can use them to your advantage. You may proficiently and profitably employ them in your web page, thus turning the content to be SEO-friendly. It will also help if you highlight (bold or italicize) the keyword on the article to give more emphasis on it.Spread keywords and keyword phrases evenly and reasonably in your content. Be sure that your keyword density really doesn't go over 3 - 5% on the amount of words. Once this is accomplished, search engine robots or bots will index the article content and definitely consider it for higher web page ranking.

Whenever people surf the web, and type some keywords that have been incorporated in your articles, the website (thumbnails) and part of text are usually shown along with numerous others that have the same keyword. Other websites that appears in the Google search aside from yours are your competitors. Even if the competion is tough, as long as you have the quality content posted, you have bigger chance that people will click your hyperlink and be directed to your web site.

Keywords also give your website an identity. Keyword phrases could possibly be based on keywords. Keyword phrases boost website visibility and thus attract visitors to your website. Each unique visitor can be your email subscriber or future customer. If people find what they are looking for in your website (and most of the time it's content), they will stay and read on. As a bonus, they will even click some of the links in your webpage.

To get started with keyword analysis, you can check your site statistics in the cPanel hosting. You can also use other popular keyword tools such as Google Adwords, Wordstream and Wordtracker. They provide pertinent information like amount of researches made on a specific phrase over a particular time frame and the search engines used.

Remember that some websites can not pull in decent traffic because their web page is not at all optimized with the right keywords. As soon as keywords and phrases are relatively used and and spread all throughout the article content, there will be a great change in web traffic acquisition. This method raises the exposure and conversions, allowing your website to serve the purpose it was actually made for - profit.

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Liz D. has been blogging since 2005 and started her personal SEO campaign just recently with positive results. Her Make More Money Online website is currently on the first page of Google search for the keyword "make more money" and she is currently optimizing more sites. Empowered Links is just one of them and it is doing pretty well.


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