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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 Initial Link Building Steps for Your New Website

Article written by Carlo Pandian, SEO account executive for Tug Search, agency specialized in creative ppc, search engine optimization and social media.

Have you already built up an SEO friendly website but struggled to get the ranking that you are looking for? If the on page optimization is fine, you definitely need some link building in order to increase your search engine positions.

Mind you, Google is cleaver so avoid getting 200 links in one day and be careful about paying for them because the robot created by Larry Page and co will reckon that you have been cheeky.

These are 5 suggestions to kick off your link building campaign and help you to start generating traffic:
  • Register Your Website in 10 Free Directories: You may get better results if you optimize your links with an anchor text that includes the keywords that you want to rank for and you may want to write a good description that describes your service.
  • Create Social Media Profiles for Your Website: Many of which allow outbound links to your properties. These are some of the networks you should be in: Twitter (it allows one link), LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Flickr etc. More niche but interesting social sites are emerging and you would be good to participate in, for example, a database of interviews where you can answer questions about your profession and include links to your company.
  • Write Articles for Bloggers: You can join the community of and get in contact with publishers that are looking for guest posts. You will be asked for a unique article of around 300wordsand the possibilities to include 1-2 do follow links (in this case to your website) in the biography or in the body of text. Alternatively you can reach out to bloggers from Google with queries like ["write an article" food blog] or ["guest post" beer blog inurl:.wordpress]
  • Post Non-Spammy Comments On Blogs: You should compile a list of blogs related to your website and participate in the comments. Be sure to contribute to the discussion a leave a link with the signature. Be careful with the anchor text because some bloggers may not like that.
  • Social Bookmarking: Create profiles on Reddit, Delicious, Digg, Stumble Upon and NewsVine and stores the website urls in these services.


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