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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

18 Excellent Techniques To Boost Traffic To Your Blog!

For folks who do not know, traffic is fundamentally just visitors to your website or blog. Here are 18 free excellent techniques to boost traffic to your blog and promote your website and blog.
  • Post Quality Content: The very step to receiving visitors to your website and blog is by posting valuable content.
  • Post Frequently
  • Submit to search engines: submit your website and blog to all major SE’s like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Submit your articles
  • Submit to directories
  • Advertising or link Sharing
  • Social Networking: Everybody is having at least one social network these days, whether it is Twitter, Facebook or MySpace, you can make use of any of these to promote your blog.
  • Include share buttons: This allows person who reads to easily share articles which confidently will get better your traffic.
  • Use SEO: Search engine optimization SEO is the practice of improving the visibility of a blog or website in SE’s. The foremost thing you can do to get better your webpage is by using Google Adwords Keyword Tool. One more technique is to add Meta Tags to your webpage, which could confidently get better your ranking in a search engine.
  • Buy your own domain: To improve your chances of being search in SE’s, careful buying your own domain. It is actually very simple to redirect your old blog to your new one as well as websites such as Blogger can still host it for you as well.
  • Include an RRS feed or follow with email.
  • Pray: It is been confirmed that praying provides a 10% possibility of more visitors. You can not disagree with the statistics.
  • Include link in emails: Just add your blog to the bottom of your email.
  • Use other forms of media: Heard of YouTube? Try submitting article in the type of a video, just keep in mind to include a link back to your blog.
  • Add a Feed counter: A Feed counter gives you an idea about you as well as your viewers how many folks have sign up to your feed.
  • Comment or follow other blogs.
  • Use Forums: If you are a regular member of a particular forum, why not add your blog to your signature. This is an simple technique to get people visiting your blog.
  • Word of mouth: Get chatting; tell all your BFFs regarding your new blog, tell your window cleaner, your postman, etc. Let the world be familiar with your blog. You can also add your blog URL on a business card.


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