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Friday, April 20, 2012

SEO Copywriting Helped Me to Modernise My Business

SEO copywriting has really helped turn my business around.

I suppose that to look at me and my business six months ago you might say we were a little old fashioned. The chances are that you'd be very right. I know without anyone telling me that I'm certainly very set in my ways and after a lifetime in business I thought I knew exactly what was what.

As I'm sure is obvious, I've always used the same methods to attract customers and they've never steered me wrong, so when this internet started to take off and many of my competitors took up with it I thought they were daft. I didn't think for a second that I'd be the one left behind and they'd be getting all the benefits.

The Old Business without SEO Copywriting
I thought, until recently, that my customers appreciated the way we did things: traditionally, the same as always and that our service was something they could rely on. The only thing I hadn't prepared for thought was when they started to want a change. Because we hadn't changed or moved with the times, nobody knew was interested in what we did and the old customers were bored and wanted something different from us. 

Eventually, as my business started to suffer I had to accept the fact that I'd misjudged it and admit defeat, and without an effective way of advertising our "new" methods, I thought that we'd slowly die off and I'd just have to accept it. Luckily though, my son works in a large company where they'd employed SEO copywriters to give their website a touch of magic – and we've never looked back. In fact, I have some days now where we're so busy I don't know where to look or turn next!

Starting Off Small with SEO Copywriting Services
So I branched out. I decided to start off small with a simple but effective website; and how did it come to be effective: SEO copywriting.  

I'm not very clever when it comes to some of the new gadgets so the SEO copywriters had to be very patient with us as they explained what SEO copywriting was and how it worked. I hope I can do it and them some justice when I say that when someone wants to find something on the internet they, more often than not – especially if they don't know who exactly they're looking for, type a phrase or words into a search engine like Google. The search engine then finds the business or website whose content matches or most closely matches the word or phrase which has been put into the search engine.

The SEO copywriting services work on the basis that they put enough keywords and phrases into the website, on the "About Us" pages and any articles which are on there that the search engine picks them up and puts them on the first pages where they'll be noticed. In turn the people who've just found the business will click to visit and there they are, on my site, shopping and buying my products and visiting my little shop! I can't believe the difference that SEO copywriting services have made to us and I'll never go back to the Dark Ages again.


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