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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Using Pop Culture to Generate Traffic to Your Site

When it comes to directing traffic to your website, then naturally your first instinct may be to employ the experience and skills of a top Digital Marketing Consultancy, but there is far more that you can do, too.  By all means hit the search engines for "digital marketing agency UK" as they are likely to know far more than you on the subject, but if you are working alongside them your chances are doubly as good!
One of the most effective ways to generate traffic to your websites is to use current events and pop culture.  Make sure that you are clued in on what is happening around the world regarding movies and books, TV shows and even celebrities.  The majority of people who use the internet will be doing so as a way of winding down, relaxing for the night and catching up on some celebrity gossip or checking out the latest movies.  This is when you want to sneak in – blog about the latest episode of Mad Men, gossip about the hottest new Robert Pattinson movie and even post some of the most popular music videos.  For example - the latest Avengers movie grossed over $200 million in the US opening weekend ALONE you can guarantee that this is being Googled!  Naturally you need to look at how exactly you can tie this into your own area of expertise, but it may come as a surprise to you how easy this is.  For example, you could create a blog post entitled:

"5 Ways in which a Digital Marketing Consultancy is like Hunger Games!"

It may look a bit ludicrous, but seriously – all you need is a little creativity!  There are absolutely tonnes of blogs out there boasting crazy little concepts and you may even find that tying your trade into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or The Lord of Rings is far easier than you ever imagined.  Remember there are other bloggers who have utilised this tact to get themselves ranked higher on Google so if they can do it, so can you.  All you need to remember is to keep it fresh make sure that you keep your finger on the pulse at all times and create content for your site that is still appropriate.  Check out Google Trends, have a little look at the hottest celebrity news and capitalise on the most popular movies and TV shows of the CURRENT time.

Remember you don't even have to create a whole article based on pop-culture to have people directed to your digital marketing agency UK site even a few paragraphs or sentences could mean the difference between your potential readers clicking or simply scrolling on by!

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