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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Using Public Relation For SEO

Public relation is not just limited to publishing press releases. You can benefit from its offline and online tools for creating a buzz about your business. By Using Public Relation for SEO, you will be able to gain links to your website. Your commercial reputation will soar and you will expand your consumer base effortlessly. 


Here is how you can use the power of public relation to strengthen the SEO of your site:

Leverage the Potential of the Social Networking Platforms
Your prominent presence on the social media will boost your brand image and get you more links. You should engage your visitors with highly useful and interesting content.

When you post shareable content on the social networking sites, it catches the attention of your potential customers. They share what you have posted on the sites with their friends by giving links. In turn, the friends comment on them and your potential customer base widens.

Do not forget that only that content will be shared at top speed, which promises to bring some gains to the visitors. For instance, if you run a contest and give away free lunch or spa session as the prize, you will definitely create a buzz.

Preferably, your content should achieve maximum exposure for your business. For instance, you can reward those customers who share pictures of your business, events, products and their experiences and provide backlinks to your site. You will gain links and huge SEO benefits.

Arrange an Event in Your Local Bar or Restaurant
Events are a great way of attracting the attention of the people. You can organize such events in any restaurant or a bar, which is easily accessible to the masses. Your guest list should include people from various backgrounds like journalism, blogging, advertisement, your clients and your friends.

Now, you should publicize the event over the web. Giveaway royalty free cartoons and images so that people can write about the event and share them online.

Get Reputed Journalists and Bloggers Make a Mention of Your Business
You should communicate impressively with the well-known publications in your area or your industry. It will help you get publicity when they talk about your business and products.

Call up the authority, who deals with the matters related to your business and reveal something interesting about your company. Invite the journalists to visit your location so that they can see it and write about it.

For instance, if you own a spa, you should contact the local beauty magazine and invite the reporters to visit you. When they come over, you can show them around and give them a free demonstration of your services.

You have to present something unique and writable about your business to draw the attention of the press. The links that you gain through these articles will increase your popularity.

Connect With Review Sites and Offer to Hold Events
The role of review sites in boosting SEO is exemplary. Sites like Yelp can help you get great links. You should contact these sites and propose to conduct events for their top people free of cost. In this partnership, you will have to arrange a very attractive event for their VIPs. In turn, they will bring many influential people to the event for promoting your brand.

Consequently, you will benefit in the form of great reviews from the people who matter. Even before your business has really grown roots, it will be known online. You will receive a huge number of links and that will benefit your SEO.

Publicize On Your Site about the Reviews and Mentions in the Publications
You should capitalize further on the reviews and mentions that you received on the articles. Advertise on your site about these achievements. When other websites notice them, they will know that your company carries a lot of weight. They will link back to you. Hence, you will gain in terms of SEO.

Use the Experience of the Pr Staff to Choose the Content
When you post online content, you should be choosy about their nature. The content should be impressive to your target audience and gain higher ranking with the search engines. You should utilize the experience of the PR staff, which is familiar with the workings of the search engines and the preferences of your target audience. Their expertise in these matters will win you powerful links.

Author Bio: Jason Smith is an online manager for SEO Company. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.


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