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Monday, March 04, 2013

Why You Should Not Ignore Landing Page Optimization

A landing page on your website is where you INTEND your visitors to land. Whether you are getting visitors from organic search results or PPC campaigns, your page description (meta data) and your ad copy are telling your visitors that you have what they want. If you direct them to a page which fails to live up to the promise, you will be left with a particularly high bounce rate. Why you should not ignore landing page optimization may be explained by knowing why you need one in the first place.
What did you promise ?
Consider the case where you are selling a product that helps people to lose stomach fat with a proper exercise regimen and diet. If your copy reads something like 'Get a ripped midsection in 2 weeks flat', it will attract all sorts of visitors including ones that are not willing to work out. Try something like '3 minute workout sessions and your kitchen, to trim belly fat forever' (not the best copy in the world, but you get the idea!), and you have targeted visitors. To clarify: visitors who are landing on your site now expect to find information about 3 minute exercise routines and a simple diet plan that they can make in their kitchen without a fuss.

What have you delivered ?
Are you selling? Pre-selling? Seeking subscribers? You need a landing page. You could create a squeeze page that promises the information in the form of a two week email course or simply as an Ebook. Or, you could have a full blown sales page complete with a video and lots of testimonials. In each case, your content or call to action must be in synch with the copy that got your visitors interested. There must be clear mention of those three minute workout routines, and there must be mention of an easy to follow diet.

It is easy to see why you should not ignore landing page optimization. A landing page builds trust (you have delivered what your ad promised), gets you subscribers (they can trust you with their email now) and increases conversion (they were targeted visitors to begin with, and they found exactly what they were looking for).


  1. Prioritize: The typical visitor must be able to see clearly information about what you promised. Do not put in content whose purpose is not immediately clear. Website visitors are typically impatient. If they face a scholarly essay on workout and diet instead of the tips you promised, they will leave. Keep that stuff below the fold for SEO purposes and FOR further persuasion. Live up to your promise first.
  2. Confuse - NOT: Too much information about your product or, heaven forbid, about similar products on the same page will lead to confusion. Do not presume that you can get backend sales in this manner. If you give them choices, your visitors will want to research more, not buy immediately.
  3. Get Real: People need to trust you to buy from you. It does not matter how compelling your sales page is, they still want to know who you are. Keep your contact details, with or without a mugshot, at a prominent location on the page. It does not have to be the first thing they see when they land, but it should not take more than a second to find either.
  4. Focus: You want laser focused content on the landing page, and that includes navigation. Do not keep all sub-categories of your site in the navigation. If you want people to visit a specific page like About Us, that's okay. Contact Us - definitely. Learn More - yes, if you are pre-selling through your landing page. Home page - naturally. Keep the navigation near the top and at the bottom of the page so that it is easy to find.
  5. Limit: Using too many keywords to optimize is especially problematic if you just have a squeeze page. Use the page for one purpose only, and limit the keywords it can be found for. Again, your landing page is only for targeted visitors who want what you promised them. Limit also the info you ask on your subscription form: an email is all you need.

When you have a landing page with a clean design and content relevant to your ad, you not only make sales, but build a reputation as an honest marketer. When you have reputation, you have return visitors and a stable SERP placement - compelling reasons, surely, why you should not ignore landing page optimization.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online manager for BCVAWEB - video editing dallas. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.


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