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Friday, November 04, 2011

Guest Post - 5 Essential SEO Practices

Running a website is hard enough, but getting your website to the top of Google is even harder. Your competition is trying just as hard as you to get their site higher in the search results, so by spreading your SEO efforts using only the best techniques, you'll be able to keep up or stay ahead of the game. Below are five SEO practices that will give you the best results.

Guest Blogging: A very popular practice, guest blogging is a great way to boost your site's ranking. Google absolutely loves original content over garbage and random links, so by writing quality pieces for other blogs with links included, Google is viewing your work as quality content and will rank it better. In addition to helping the blog, you're helping your site or sites by creating well-written pieces on third-party sites.

Forum Posting: Forums are a great place to place your links. Most of the time, you can place your link in the signature of your profile with whatever site you're posting on, which will give you a link to your site with every post. Make sure the forums you're posting to are relevant to get the strongest results, though. Try to keep the links to a minimum as well, because forum moderators don't appreciate you spamming their forums.

Link Exchange: This is a little more difficult to do, but it's totally worth it. Try emailing a website you're interested in being linked from, and ask if they'd like to do a link swap to help each other out. If your Page Rank is high enough, they'll usually be open to the practice. Unless you're soliciting huge blogs, they'll usually know what the deal is.

Link to sub-domains: Linking within your own website is great for SEO. If you have enough content and pages, you're sitting on a goldmine if you haven't been doing this. Adding keywords and linking to your other pages with give more “juice” to Google and increase your search results ranking. Not only will this enhance your credibility and standing with Google, it'll give your indexed pages a solid job to do other than just host content. Michigan Cadillac dealers have been doing this for years and their rankings have since boosted significantly.

Comment on Blogs and Other Websites: Being a respectable member in your community is a great way to earn credibility and respect with your peers. If these sites see you speaking out and giving great answers and advice, they'll be more open to working with you in the future. You'll also be able to get future writing work with others who frequent the website as well if you write informative posts.

If you follow these practices in conjunction with your other efforts, you'll definitely see some improvement in the search results. While great content is extremely important, using proper SEO practices to boost your site's ranking in Google might be equally important.

About the author:
Joe Petchonka has been a writer for over five years, and has written for newspapers, websites and automotive dealerships. In addition to having an extensive writing background and bachelor's degree in English, he has helped companies develop professional material to help them achieve their goals. He currently writes for a company that hosts online classifieds and more through the use of social media and web design.


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