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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top 10 Domain Name Search Tools for Finding SEO Friendly and Catchy Domains

Domain name selection is an art. On one hand, the domain name should be catchy, unique and easily memorable and one the other hand, it should be search engine friendly. While selecting a domain name you should remember that they should have the potential to become a brand. Technologically advanced domain name search tools come handy. It broadens the domain name suggestions and helps you to choose a search engine friendly, attractive and unique domain name.

Let us now look at the top 10 search tools used by leading SEO services for finding hot domains:
  1. NXdom: This search tool has prepared a DNS record of unused and expired domain names. They have indexed millions of such names. You can search NXdom with the help of prefix and suffix. Moreover, the search sorting can be done with the help of popularity, length and readability. You can filter your search by using the advanced options too.

  2. Namestation: This is a chic looking domain name search tool, where you can give the word length while searching for a domain name. Search engine friendly domain names can also be searched by combining your keywords with hundreds of categorised wordlists. You can also enter the suggested keywords in Namestation and then combine prefixes and suffixes to get more preferred results.

  3. Domize: It is a powerful domain search tool that helps you to enter large combination of terms (comprising of numbers, letters and words) that are separated by commas. Power Search feature helps you to customise your search to a more specific domain name suggestion.

  4. PCNames: The domain name search engine of this tool is based on AJAX technology. One of its unique features is that it shows search results as you type in the search bar of the tool, which makes your search process faster.

  5. Nameboy: This popular domain name search engine can give result on the basis of a primary keyword and a secondary one. The intelligent variations of domain names on the basis of keyword meaning and sound, makes this search engine more worthwhile.

  6. Wordoid: The domain name search process in this tool is unique because the searching process can be customised in two steps:

    • Words can be categorised into 3 groups: Hardly natural, Almost natural and sound natural.
    • 5 languages can be used: English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.
  7. It has a unique domain name search process, involving 4 variations in domain name discovery:

    • Simple Domain Search;
    • Keywords from URL;
    • Instant Domain Search;
    • Advanced Domain Search;
  8. DomainTools: It is nothing but a collection of useful tools and search engines for searching domains. DomainTools include Suggestion search, Whois search and Domain Search.

  9. Domain Pigeon: It is a name index that keeps a record of Twitter names as well as available domains. You can customise your search by date and popularity. Please note that ".com" domain names are only available at Domain Pigeon.

  10. Domain Exposure: You can give a keyword along with other word lists for getting a combo domain name. You can also mention the preferred set of characters in the start and end of the probable domain name.


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