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Monday, November 28, 2011

3 White Hat, Sustainable Link Building Tips for Great Results!

As Google becomes more and more intelligent in judging spammy links and unnatural link patterns, it is becoming ever more important to create a sustainable link building strategy which attracts natural links. This is easier said than done, though there are a number of ways you can mimic a natural link profile without indulging in spammy paid links:

  • Guest posting: An easy way to get great links is by interacting with your community and contributing quality content to their website. The key is to make the information worthwhile for the person you are contributing to so that readers are encouraged to come and visit you. This way you get new readers as well as a great, natural link.
  • Niche Directories: Too many webmasters focus their directory time and money on spammy SEO directories which provide little to no value. The key with directory submissions is to do your research. Find good quality directories in your niche, or target higher end directories that are more general. Use tools like SEOMoz’s toolbar to judge the authority of these domains as this is a good indicator as to whether it is worthwhile.
  • Promote Great Content: If you spend time and love creating great content for your site then it’s worth spending a bit extra promoting it within your circles. This could be done by contacting prominent bloggers, using your social media accounts or even doing things offline that might get you press coverage. If your content is good enough, then simply making people aware of it can attract natural links from some really powerful sites.
This is a guest post from Tom Mcloughlin at The WebMarketing Group, who offer link building services to UK companies. He also writes a travel blog called Top Backpacking Destinations.



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