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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Guest Post: Using PPC for Your SEO to Get a Higher ROI on Your SEM

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is one of the most popular and oldest online marketing methods. It is inexpensive, effective and highly targeted. PPC can be used to successfully increase traffic and establish brand awareness.

PPC, however, is much more than simple promotional tool. It can be successfully incorporated in a website's search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. SEO and PPC can work together in an attempt to improve the search engine marketing (SEM) of a website.

This strategy is the one that guarantees biggest return on investment or ROI. It sounds like a complicated task but using SEO and PPC together can often be the most effective strategy for better search engine positioning of a website.

Keyword Research: Keyword research is the heart and soul of search engine optimization and it will remain one of the most important aspects connected to website content. PPC can be used efficiently to test keywords and improve your SEO strategy.

PPC campaigns are inexpensive to carry out. In addition, they require keyword research for the selection of the best channel and the targeting of the commercial message. Trial and error via PPC is less expensive than getting keywords to rank through SEO only to find out later that they don't get the expected amount of traffic and conversions.

PPC keyword research can be utilized to analyze the market and to decide which keywords will be most appropriate for the website's SEO. Optimizing a website for a specific keyword that is inefficient will be time consuming and costly. PPC can be utilized to run tests before introducing an effective and successful SEO strategy.

What is SEM and How to Use It?
Search engine marketing differs from SEO and it incorporates various techniques. SEO and PPC can be blended for better SEM and for more cost-effective promotional strategy.

Search engine marketing has one main aim - higher website traffic through better website exposure in search engines. This can be achieved through organic SEO that requires no ongoing payment or through PPC that results in paid search engine results appearing on top of the free results or on the right side of the search results.

This fact demonstrates that both PPC and SEO play a role in terms of SEM. Studies have been done to find out whether people are willing to trust organic SEO results more than PPC marketing messages. The results are ambiguous and it seems that they depend on the type of message and the things that search engine users are looking for.

People who are looking for content tend to be more willing to trust organic SEO results. When products are involved, however, PPC tends to be just as effective. Website promotion and SEM can benefit from both. The two strategies combined may also increase the click through rates and conversion rates as compared to just choosing one strategy.

SEO benefits from PPC and PPC can benefit from SEO in return. Relying on a single keyword or a single campaign is usually a less effective approach. Experienced web marketing experts will tell you that you need to utilize all available channels for the best results.

You can often tell quickly from looking at the reports if a PPC campaign is profitable and which keywords are the most lucrative. Focus your SEO efforts on the best keywords, especially the ones that are easiest to rank for.

PPC and SEO are two good strategies that will improve your search engine marketing efforts. A combined approach allows you to analyze results, compare statistics and deal with the shortcomings of your approach. Although PPC requires payment, it enables you to see what kind of traffic and conversions you can get for a specific keyword before spending resources and time on SEO.

Jamie Highland is a writer and internet marketer for My Baby Shower Favors, a site that sells baby shower favors and other party supplies grouped by baby shower themes. Jamie discusses how you can use PPC to get a better return on your SEO efforts.


  1. What amazes me is that for the countless PPC companies out there, so few really get the job done. Make sure you do your research before trusting any of these guys to improve your seach results. You'll know the right company when you find it. Good luck out there!

  2. Great article. My strategy for anyone beginning an seo campaign is to use PPC at first to get your site on the first page until your organic seo services get going enough that they move to he first page. Once your organic results are high enough you can stop your PPC campaign if you want, or keep the two going simultaneously. Thanks for the info



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