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Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to Get a Better Google Ranking

Millions of people turn to Google each day for their internet searches, making it one of the world’s most popular search engines. If you have a blog or website, you probably already know the importance of your Google ranking. A better ranking means your website or blog will show up higher on the list of search results, making it much more likely to be visited. Perhaps you are wondering what can be done in order for you to get a better Google ranking. If so, the following pointers should help.

Links are a Must:
To achieve a better Google ranking, you must use links. Internal links are found within your site and are very important, as they basically link one page or portion of your website to another page or portion of your website. This helps your visitors easily navigate to each and every part of your website, without having to do much work. It is a good idea to use keywords from your original article or home page within your links, as people are more apt to click on them if they contain useful, relevant words. Since Google researches the structure and content of webpages before indexing them, proper navigation is definitely a must. If Google notices that your website contains legitimate links and is easy to navigate, your ranking will in turn be much better.

There are also links known as external links, which are very important. External links are links located on other websites that lead visitors to your site. The more external links you accumulate, the more people will visit your site. This means higher traffic for you, which is a big plus. When Google determines how your website should be ranked, they look at the number of links that lead to your site. This tells them how others feel about your site, the quality of your site’s content, the popularity of your site, and so on. If many websites agree to place a link to your site on their page, they obviously feel that your site is trustworthy, content-rich, and worth their visitors time. As with internal links, it is a good idea to use strong keywords in the anchor text of your links. Not only is this eye-catching, but it will show Google that your links contain relevant information and are worth a click.

Be Original:
Another way to get a better Google ranking is to create and publish original content that is exclusively yours. This is because Google knows if your content is original or if it has been copied or taken from another source. Google will give you a better ranking if your site contains fresh, new, original information rather than content that can easily be found elsewhere.

Make Use of Keywords:
The use of strong keywords on your website will also raise your chances of getting a better Google ranking. The use of popular search terms (keywords) in your title, URL, and links will not only enhance your website, but it will show Google that your content is relevant to the actual terms you searched for.

Update and Add Content Regularly:
If you make it a point to update and/or add content to your blog or website on a regular basis, you may get a better Google ranking. This is because Google looks for new content to index only as you add it. If there is no new or updated information to discover, it makes it difficult to index anything. Your high attentiveness to your site shows Google that it is worth a higher ranking and more visitors.

These are all great methods for obtaining a better Google ranking. If you are hoping to get a better ranking by doing absolutely nothing, it probably isn’t going to happen. By putting forth some effort and giving any or all of these things a try, you could have a better ranking in no time at all.

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