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Sunday, January 08, 2012

How to Start an Online Business with Zero Investment

Online businesses have gained immense popularity in the recent times because of two important factors - global access and low investment. In fact, if you start a business that does not require a website of your own, you can start an online business with zero investment. Below given are certain ways in which you can make this possible.

  • Be the perfect middleman: One of the best ways of starting an online business with zero investment is to barter requirements of one company with services provided by the other, meanwhile earning good profits. These can relate to supplying goods, providing well formulated marketing and promotional content or helping a company have an edge over its competitors by optimizing its website on the World Wide Web. You can outsource all these works to an efficient SEO provider and submit the work to the client. However, you need to take a lot of care while choosing the SEO service provider.
  • Blogging: With so many web hosting companies offering free unlimited domain space, blogs can be your way of earning money with zero investment. You can have a blog free of cost and use it as a money minting machine. Some of the things that you can try are affiliate marketing, Google Ad Sense and selling space for advertisements or promotions. Therefore, your start up cost is zero. However, for a blog to succeed, you need well written SEO friendly content. For this, you can hire services of an exclusive article writing service or a comprehensive SEO service provider. The high quality articles can propel your blog to top rungs of search engine lists. You enjoy higher visibility, higher pagerank, more traffic and subsequently more income because advertisers will want space on your blog to put up ads and banners.
  • Web development and Support: Web development is the industry that is in demand in the present day and looking at the current trend of businesses moving online, this industry will remain in demand for a long time to come. So, setting up a web development business can get you long term benefits. All you have to do is register your site or blog for free in WordPress or other platforms and use the space to get orders for website creation. You will be surprised at the number of website owners who lack the knowledge of even basic html. You can market such services to your local business owners.
About the Guest Author: Anita is an online SEO and marketing specialist who writes on Seo/Sem and business marketing strategies regularly. She also works for as a part of their workforce.


  1. Nice and useful info for newbies. Well written which is easily understood.

  2. Dear Anita: I totally agree on the blog/affiliate marketing connection as a startup tool. Nowadays, personal websites are a norm for people wishing to make money online but your points about not necessarily having one, hit the nail on the head. Very good article. Highly recommended.



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