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Monday, January 09, 2012

What Makes The Best Resume Website?

Before we actually try to find out, what makes the nest resume website, first we must know how to define the criteria for a best resume website. What are the parameters on which we can judge a resume website as the beat among all other such websites?

One simple way is to check the website's Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rank. If your site is able to rank higher, it means that it has got more quality content, which us relevant and informative for the users, and is unique.

Higher SERP is determines by Google search algorithm, which considers lots of such factors, when searching for results for any query put by the user. However, even experts find it difficult to define the algorithm precisely. These webmasters or SEO experts, follow different ricks and techniques, to get their resume websites a higher SERP. Certain factors which you may consider, and can help you make your website, the Best Resume Website are given below.

Defining Best Resume Website (The factors which contribute to SERP)
  • Domain name/URL
  • Unique content
  • Website Theme (related to the topic)
  • Key word density
  • Meta keywords
  • Relevant content
  • Website loading time
  • Navigation ease
  • Age of website
  • Back links (Both, the number of links, and the reliability of source they are taken from are important)
All these parameters are based on Google's study of its users, and their behaviour pattern. Thus, if you wish to make or personal resume website as the Best Resume Website, it obviously means that you must have user friendly information.

In simple words, talking from management and marketing perception, a product can be successful only if it is able to meet the need and expectations of the customers. Thus, here the product is your resume website, and the customer is the web user, who visits your website for the query. If your resume website is able to satisfy his/her query, then obviously, the website is best resume website; only then, do all other parameters matter, and contribute towards promoting your website higher on SERP.

In all, we can say, before you even design your resume website, and work to make it Best Resume Website; it is advisable to define your customer whom you wish to target, and then provide the relevant information, adhering to all the above mentioned factors. Therefore, last but most important factor responsible for making your website, as Best Resume Website is:
  • How you define your target customer/user.
    All the information presented, targeting him, which is unique, relevant and original, would help you make the BEST RESUME WEBSITE.


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