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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What are the freelancers doing in their dry times?

Freelancers tend to work from home and there can be days when they do not get enough work to do and may feel at a lost with time on hand. Freelancing is a good profession to opt these days, as it basically means that you are selling your skills for money in return. With the advent of internet facilities, freelancing has become more viable for those who prefer to work from home. Rather than sitting around and getting bored, you can utilize the time towards other things during dry days of work. Here are some of the ways in which freelancers occupy their time during those unproductive days.

Update your portfolio
Creating a portfolio to keep track of all your previous works is an important thing for any freelancer. You must not feel that your work is not good enough for a portfolio, or be daunted about updating it as well. In fact, when you have a portfolio of your own, you need to constantly update it, so that you always project your skills and capabilities for people to see. Updating a portfolio takes up time and is dreaded by freelancers, so do this when you are passing through a dry spell when you can spare all the time.

Update your website or blog
If you are a freelancer having your own website or blog, then update these occasionally so people get to read about what you do. If you are looking for new clients or readers then it becomes essential that you keep updating your website and blog. These things usually take up a lot of time, so you can schedule the task during the days when you are without work.

Work on long time projects
There may be some other long term projects which you have kept aside for another time, so use the dry days for to pursue that as it will save you much time in the future. You will discover that you have tons of work to do, such as working on all the pending long term projects rather than fretting that you have no work to do.

Work on personal projects
You can also use the time to pay attention to other personal interests for which you might not have had the time before. This could include, sorting out your family photos, indulging in your creativity as a cartoonist, creating logos and even taking up that easel and working on an unfinished portrait. All these activities can also go into your portfolio, out of which you might just be able to make some more money.

Read up for new ideas and write
Check the internet on dry days and find some interesting topics, to do some research regarding current trends and what people are looking for. You can also update yourself by reading magazines and tutorials so that you can enhance your skill at whatever you do.

Take the time to improve your writing skills, as the better you become there is always a chance that you may get some good offer online. People are always looking out for someone who can do a good job for them. If you utilize your dry days for improving your writing skills on various issues, you may be benefited in the future through your efforts.

Freelancing is an interesting and fulfilling profession as long as you are able to keep up your good work. By following some of the points mentioned above, you will enjoy what you do best, that is freelancing.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on urban planning.


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