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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Change a PowerPoint to Flash Animated Presentation Using Flash Converter

Flash presentation is an effective medium for online customer communication. Using a Flash animated presentation, you can present your product/service information to the web users and increase your business. Flash presentation can be used at business meeting, seminar and coaching classes as well.
These are some of the benefits of a dynamic presentation, but, what if you have a PowerPoint presentation, instead of Flash presentation in your site? You will obviously miss the marketing impact of an animated presentation.

Don't worry. Changing a .ppt into Flash animated presentation is not difficult anymore. There are some really good .ppt to Flash converters in the market and you can use them to convert a PowerPoint file into Flash.

While selecting the Flash converter, you should concentrate on 4 factors. Conversion quality, animation support, speed and output file size, solid Flash and set of Flash files.

Conversion quality is the most important aspect of a Flash converter. While converting a .ppt file, Flash converters often lose small graphics details and give a poor output. Therefore, you should check the conversion quality of your chosen software before investing in it.

Some converter tools save every slide as a raster image and convert the entire presentation quickly. This conversion process may sound interesting, but in reality, you get a poor animated presentation.

When you enlarge raster graphics, it loses image detail, but vector graphics retains its quality at any size. Therefore, buy a convertor that saves .ppt graphics into vector format and then change it into Flash format.

Ask the vendor about PowerPoint animation support. You should buy a software that offers quality PowerPoint animation support. Some of the .ppt animation effects are really unique and converting them into Flash animation, without any modification is not very simple. For instance, most Flash converters can't reproduce the "comb" animation effect in .swf format.

The next thing you should consider is speed and output file size. Faster conversion means lower file size. Presentations are often uploaded in websites and that's why file size is a very important issue. If the file size is too large, then the presentation will increase page loading time. A good .ppt to Flash converter takes only 15 seconds to convert a 600kb .ppt file, and it also decreases the file size below 300 kb.

Download the trial version of your shortlisted Flash converter and check final conversion output. A .ppt presentation has several slides, but your Flash converter should offer a single Flash file. It should not store each slide separately. However, if you want to create separate Flash file for each slide, then the converter must allow you change the default storage settings as well.

After checking the features and facilities, you may find 2-3 Flash converters that fit in your requirements. Hence, the final decision should be taken on the basis of price. Price of a Flash converter can range from $60 to $800. Don't buy the cheapest converter, because the seller may not offer you any technical support. Buy a Flash converter between $200-$300 to get the best Flash web animation effects and 24×7 technical support.


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