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Friday, May 04, 2012

Google Penguin Update: Reconsideration Request Tips from Google

You can never get away with everything you do and Google agrees with it. Recently, Google came up with a new algorithm that acts as a crack down on aggressive web spam methods that are used by Black hat SEOs.

The various tactics comprise of:
  • Stuffing of pages with keywords
  • Developing a seemingly abnormal link profile
  • Abnormal number of links that direct you to a website
  • Anchor text that is teeming with keywords
  • Spinning original articles and other content for creating new articles/content
According to Google, the Google Penguin the Penguin would work as an over-optimising penalty which would concentrate on keeping low quality websites away from the featuring on the SERPs. In others Google Penguin would strike these websites off their index i.e. deindex them. A key reason for this is that almost all these websites are merely spamming the web space and not even offering users the information they are looking for. Thus, making a better space for the good sites to breathe in and doing away with unethically achieved Search engine ranking.

Google has stopped recognising links between the network and the objectionable sites. According to a comment released during the release, Google will not disclose their main target for categorizing a particular site as spammer. Yet, in case of certain sites that have and have not been reprimanded the update is focused on a certain fraction of comparison between unnatural and natural site links.

If you are a website owner and wish to ensure your website is not blacklisted by one of the biggest search engine, you would simply need to follow some guidelines. Given below are some of them:
  1. Don't fool your target users by directing them to your site using different content and feature different content on the site. This is usually called as ‘cloaking'.
  2. The search engine optimisation would supposedly be good for your business exposure but don't follow certain tricks which would not help your users and merely give you a non-worthy search engine ranking.
  3. Linking schemes are basically devised for increasing a websites ranking. While you are at it, make sure you steer clear from web spammers, as any such association might affect your ranking in the long run.
  4. Make sure you use authorised computer programs for submitting pages or even keeping a check on your web rankings. This is advised to every website owner as such unauthorised programs tend to infringe the search engine Terms of Service. Google endorses the use of certain authorised programs that send automated queries to them.
  5. You can evade Google's eye by avoiding private blog networks that allow guests to comment and make article posts. Don't forget these networks are on the Google radar.
  6. Google has sounded the death knell for the age-old article marketing. Articles from ezines like Ezinearticles have now been classified as unnatural. 
  7. A major hindrance to websites is being tagged as malware, innumerable pop-ups. Avoid getting into this arena as this would only make you lose your Google search engine page ranking.
  8. Try and brush up on your social media marketing, blogs and website, as these would serve as a prime tool that can be implemented and efficiently used. Update your social media site details, upload some new profile pictures so that you are seen as active on your social media page and the target audience can easily connect with you and be aware of what you are offering or what are the new updates with regard to your company or the products or services you offer.
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