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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Importance of SEO and Social Media in Online Marketing

The 3 little letters, SEO, start cropping up everywhere as soon as you start looking into online marketing. When it comes to web design most businesses make up a website and then think about the SEO afterwards. However if you want to try and get the rankings up in Google when designing a website you should have SEO in mind from the very start not after it has gone live.

Why? Well, there are 3 reasons; first of all this will mean your website is not too crowded with graphics and has decent content to view instead. Often when people design a website they can go a bit crazy with graphics, I know I am always tempted to do so myself! Yet, there is nothing more annoying than waiting for a website to load and you don't want to lose prospective customers that way. Second, obviously if you design the website with SEO in mind then half the battle is already won. You will have your key words already incorporated and the search engine results for your business are no doubt going to be better. Third, you don't have to pay! I wish I had invested in well written SEO rather than paying out hundreds for PPC when I launched my website. Then all you need to do is keep things fresh. Add relevant news to your site or add a blog feature, again with SEO in mind, and before you know it you will be creeping up those rankings in the search engines and enjoying more traffic on your site.

There is also another online marketing tool which has recently been getting a lot of attention too - Social Media. Pages such as Facebook and Twitter can make your site look professional as well as adding to that SEO needed to get you a top spot on Google. By maintaining good Social Media Management you can increase the engagement you have with the target audience and this is the fastest way to build up your reputation and expertise too.

Don't feel confident to produce high quality SEO content for your website or struggle with creating a Facebook or Twitter page? Then let the experts look after it! With the growth and importance of an SEO Consultancy and Social Media in today's use of digital marketing – this has become big business, so take advantage of this. The professionals can work out the target keywords you need and the right Meta tags as well as handling the design of the Social Media pages and website.

Where to go? There has recently been a hub of activity in regards to web design Berkshire. This specific area has recently blossomed with experts in the digital marketing field and now there are places where all aspects of your online marketing needs can be fulfilled. By letting one company handle your online marketing campaign you will also be provided with a consistent, streamlined strategy which effectively targets your desired audience.

Attribute to: Jag Ture, Cayenne Red.
Jag is a member of the digital marketing team at London based PPC Agency Cayenne Red. She is a regular contributor to the media on how companies market themselves in the digital age.


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