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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Six Tips to Make Your Blog More Engaging

Interactive blogs bring visitors back for more content. Engaging with your readers through a variety of methods is a fool-proof way to foster interaction and discussion. Creating an engaging blog does not happen overnight, but it's worth the effort and dedication. The following list suggests six different ways to accomplish this goal.
Respond to Comments
The most engaging blogs have a comments section for each post. Readers may respond to the post with a question or a point of discussion. Readers like authors who respond to comments. Always respond to every comment, even those without much depth. A healthy comments section shows readers you care about your blog.

Comment on Other Blogs
Leaving reciprocal comments on a visitor's blog increases your opportunities for interaction. Taking time to comment shows that you are interested in what other authors say. The authors you respond to are much more likely to make a repeat visit to your site. Networking is a great way to build your audience and prove that you want to connect with each of your visitors.

Address Current Events
Most people follow the news. Many wish to express their opinion on current events but lack the online space to do it. A post about a recent event is a great way to foster discussion among your viewers. If the topic is controversial, state your opinions but remind readers that all opinions are welcome. This establishes your blog as a place to talk about the news in a respectful environment.

Close Posts with Questions
Many visitors like to respond to posts, but aren't sure where to begin. Interaction is best spurred on by open questions. People enjoy answering questions, especially if it is a topic they are passionate about. This provides a great opportunity to practice the first tip of this article. You may also wish to have frequent open posts for your visitors to discuss any topic they want.

Participate in Social Media
Your online presence can include more than just your blog. Through social media, you can stay in contact with your readers. Participating through social media extends your reach and helps you to connect with people who haven't seen your blog before. Posting interesting ideas on other sites will attract new people to your blog.

Consistency is Crucial
Posting frequently brings back repeat visitors. A blog ignored by its author is easily forgotten by the casual viewer, even if the posts are amazing. Consistency includes more than just frequency of posts. Maintain the quality of your content from post to post. Stay consistent with your interests. If you post more than a few times about a particular subject, keep posting on it. This will build your niche audience.

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