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Friday, May 11, 2012

Improve Readership with These Blog Customization Techniques

People think that designing a blog using a simple WordPress theme will make it more functional. Wrong! WordPress can make your blog more interesting, but making readers to read your posts is possible only with blog customization techniques.

This article will educate readers on how a blog can be made more effective, and increase readership.

A Well Crafted Logo
If you have a business blog, then it should have a well designed logo. The appearance, look and feel of it will make your site more professional. For example, if your site is about health and lifestyle, the logo should have elements pertinent to your business.

It's not style and font alone that makes all the difference. It should be stronger and bolder to grab  reader's attention. Make sure the color doesn't deviate the attention of users from the textual content of the site.

The header is the first thing that users notice, and therefore should stand out from the rest of the blogs. If it is about travel, then you can include interesting images of locations along with a brief description in the header section.

Below it, a web designer can include links that would take readers to other sections of the site. Do not make the blunder of integrating advertisements in the header. It will spoil the look, as first impressions always matter.

A Sidebar Showing Popular Posts
If this is done, not only there will be more readers, but they will also stick to your site for a longer time. The sidebar can be made more interesting by highlighting posts that are most frequently read. Placing links to such posts will  help. For example, a reader reading a popular  article on web page design would also be interested to read something that is more frequently viewed.

A professional providing web design solutions should be aware of such techniques.

A Segment of Related Posts
This is another feature that will improve both the page visit ratio and bounce rate. The related posts segment should be placed at the end of each posts so that users after reading it will click on something that is relevant to what he has just read.

Make sure the posts are interesting enough to retain the attention of readers. If readers are not reading stuff you are posting, then what's the use of placing such links! There should be readers who regularly follow your posts, and are willing to learn.

Use of Images
An article becomes more attention grabbing if one includes images relevant to the content. A post on sandy beaches will invite more readers if complemented with high resolution pictures of white sandy beaches with imposing palms. Photos are the best way to get your message across to your audience quickly.

You can make your travel blog more alluring by including an image slideshow.

Ask Readers to Submit Content
You can add more dynamism to your blog by integrating a user submission form. It will encourage readers to submit their content related to the theme of your blog. Hire a website designer who can design simple user-friendly forms. It should have limited fields to fill up, i.e. the name of the contributor, email address, gender, and a section where he will paste the article.

It will not only build new content, but readers will feel more involved. Publishing quality content will encourage others to share too. You can also mention the name of a contributor along with the published article. Readers will feel they are getting recognition for their work.

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