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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinterest - The Latest Social Media Site with All the Same Mistakes

Pinterest is the latest social revolution.  It doesn't do much that is particularly unique, however it does merge the idea of sharing photos and social networking in a way that sets it apart from both photo sharing sites like Flickr, and other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  UK SEO Consultancy firms have been quick to take note.  Social networking firms are perfect for SEO consultancy as they are a good way to get traffic towards a site at a low cost.  However many firms simply end up spamming links on these sites and it has proved little different on Pinterest.
Social media marketing is not some revolution that gives you free and easy instant access to a worldwide connected market of potential customers.  It's not that simple.  If it were, why would there be any other forms of advertising?  Gaining interest from fellow users; be it 'likes', 'follows' or 'diggs' takes time and effort.  The way for a company to gain a social media following is to act like a social media user.  Part of the wonder of having a Facebook page is that its content is treated similarly to a persons'.  So a company's Facebook page acts just like a friends', appearing on connected users home pages.

The best way to make use of this is to act like a friend, and friendship involves give and take.  You can't simply share lots of links and expect everyone to pay attention to them.  Get involved with what other people are posting and they will be more likely to return the favour.  Another factor in friendship is common interests.  Make sure you target people who are likely to actually be interested in your product.  Treat them like friends and maybe they will see your brand in the same light that they see their friends.  Send it to anyone and everyone and it is spam.

You may well be able to gain a lot of clicks on your links by posting something completely irrelevant to your product that proves popular, for example a photo of Robert Pattinson may prove popular with teenage girls, but how will this sell your garden supplies?

Attribute to: Jag Ture, Cayenne Red.
Jag is a member of the digital marketing team at UK SEO Consultancy, Cayenne Red. She is a regular contributor to the media on how companies market themselves in the digital age.


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