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Thursday, May 03, 2012

SEO - The Best Strategy Is One Way Links

Building one-way backlinks to your site is a crucial SEO strategy. It indicates that your site is important and interesting enough to link to. It is generally considered to be far more effective than reciprocal links, or links that are traded between webmasters.
One way links to your site are seen as a vote of confidence for your site, but how do you get them?There are two very effective methods for getting such links to your site. Both methods involve the writing and submitting of articles, but how they are used varies from one method to the other:

1) Directory submissions There are what are known as article directories that will automate much of the process for you. You submit your articles to such directories so that bloggers and e-zine editors may reprint the articles for their own use.

Of course, they are supposed to give you a link back to your website in return (although this does not always happen). However, the existence of the article on the article directory itself gives you at least one guaranteed backlink.

Article directories do not require exclusive access to your content, but you must be the creator of the material you submit to some directories.

2) Guest blogging: This is a bit more proactive than submitting to directories. In this case, you must actively seek out blogs in your niche that are interested in accepting guest posts.

Simply send them an e-mail and pitch your idea. In some cases, you will be given a user account so that you can post your article to their blog directly.

Most blogs that acccept guest articles demand unique content; that is, articles that are submitted nowhere else, including on your own blog or website. However, the guaranteed backlink, in some cases from a high PR (page rank) site, is usually worth it.

In exchange for exclusive use of your article, the blog is expected to include a link back to your website. This is your "payment" for the article. For every blog that uses your content you have another one-way link back to your own.

A crucial component of both of the above methods is the placement of what is known as a resource box at the end of your article. This contains a link to your website along with a reason why readers should visit it.

Admittedly, the two main methods of generating backlinks to your site are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Some people opt to hire a professional to help with the generation of one-way backlinks, but of course the fees involved with this method must be deducted from one's overall profits.

Article marketing and guest bolgging are platform agnostic. You can promote your blog or site in this way whetehr you use a Mac, a PC, an iPad or some other device. Persistence is the most important criteria.

No matter how you choose to generate one-way backlinks to your site, you should know that it can be one of the most effective ways of website promotion. In addition to the backlinks, which are noticed by the search engines, you can receive direct traffic from readers of your guest articles.

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