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Friday, May 04, 2012

Top Five Twitter Tips To Help Get Noticed!

Unless you are living under a rock, chances are you have heard of Twitter. Once mainly used by celebs to post quick updates of their daily activities, Twitter has quickly risen to the tops of marketing strategies world-wide, and for good reason. Twitter is an extremely fast way to get your information out there in small doses, share valuable information with your network, and most importantly, reach customers which you may never have been able to reach before.
While Twitter is a simply way to get your message out there, Twitter marketing is not an instant success without putting some effort into it. Successful advertising on Twitter takes some time and thought, and cultivating a strong following is the easiest way for you to reach this success. Below, we have listed the Top Five Twitter Tips one should take in order to build the following which will get you noticed.
  • Keep Your Tweets Short (Even shorter than the 140 word limit): This is a very important tip, one which is usually overlooked. Many people get in the mindset that they need to use all 140 characters for their Tweets, when this is not the case at all. Ideally, you will want to keep your tweets hovering right around the 100 character limit. Why is this? When you are sharing valuable content with your followers, you ideally will want your followers to re tweet your posts. By keeping your posts right at around 100 characters, you will give your followers a chance to not only RT your post, but also add their own information into the tweet (Such as Great information from an expert in the field!)
  • Go with Quality over Quantity: The Twitter-verse is a wide open area filled with (literally) millions of users. While it is very tempting to start following every single person you come in contact with, using that strategy may not be the best for your business. The goal with Twitter is to be able to connect with potential customers, other experts in your specialty field, trade organizations, and any other entity which can help expand your business. Following random individuals will likely not get you to the point you need to be.
  • Create relationships with your audience: One of the biggest mistakes you can make on Twitter is Tweeting irrelevant content. While it's great to share personal tidbits of your life every now and then (example: Having such a great time on vacation!), you will want to post articles, links, Blogs, and comments which will engage your readers. The more you engage your audience with relevant information, they will begin to look to you for sources of new content and begin to RT your posts more often.
  • Make use of hash tags: #Hashtags are a great way to get a conversation going regarding your brand or any special events you may be having. The great thing about Hashtags is that it groups together tweets from everyone talking about your specific hash tag, which helps open up your organization to a much wider audience.
  • Consider outsourcing your Tweets to a professional: Getting yourself out there in the world of social media can be a bit daunting in the event you don’t really know what you're doing. There are a great number of SEO companies available for hire, such as Austin TX SEO companies. An Austin internet marketing company will take control of all your social media accounts and are completely skilled in tweeting, Facebook updating, G+ maintenance, and all aspects of your internet marketing campaign.


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