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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Can Adding More Images Bring More Traffic to Your Site

Images are visual representations that can convey a range of expressions without using a language and it is right when said that a picture is worth a thousand words. You don't have to be a linguistic expert to read or understand the situation or scenario in an image. The famous English poet, John Keats turns incomprehensible when describing a beautiful lady painted on a Grecian Urn and maybe a picture would have been of help.
The truth about an image is that it cannot be destroyed by time, while it breaks the language barrier to snatch the understanding of the viewer. Images are powerful in a way that a single image can convey the same message that a 100 word article can convey. Well, then turning to the subject, how can you harness the power of images to drive traffic to your website? Images are always an aboveboard option to describe your website, so you can use them to optimize the web page or the website as a whole.

In HTML coding, all images have a unique file name and an "alt" attribute, which can be utilized in numerous ways. This attribute allows you to specify alternative text for the image and add a description to the image along with hyperlinks. Let's say a user is viewing your website on a browser that does not support images, the contents of 'alt' attribute will provide information about the picture. Another advantage of using images in your page, during search engine indexing, the text in the alt attribute will have the same value of an anchor text in a text link.

You can also optimize the file names and alt texts of your images based on your keywords, and this also helps image search engines such as Google Image Search to index your images and rank them in organic search results. Adding images that add more value to your articles will drive a lot of traffic to your blogs, because images are the first point of reference for the visitors of your website. If the images in your website are enticing, it convinces the user to read the article and click the anchor texts. Additionally, if the image is alluring, the user would like to share it via social media.

Including social media options in all your web pages is mandatory to drive traffic, so that visitors can share desired content. You can also add social media plugins to your website, which show up all your recent social networking activities on the side bar. There are many social media plugins available, of which photo sharing website plug-ins will be useful for the cause. You can also sign-up with famous photo sharing websites such as Flickr, Photobucket, Zoomr, Lockerz, and Snapfish. These famous photo sharing websites have high page ranks and are visited by more than 1 million unique visitors every day. So, having plug-ins of these websites or sharing a photo from these websites can bring about loads of online traffic to your website. You can select interesting images that suit your content from these photo sharing websites and embed them in your website.

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