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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

How can you Post Longer Tweets

Twitter is a useful tool in internet marketing as well as for socialization. It is both a professional and a social network that is very vital for business as well as individual branding. To accomplish this role, you need posts longer than the typical tweet. But how can you post longer tweets? A standard Twitter message accommodates for only 140 characters of text. This is the standard length of an SMS message, which was the initial Twitter idea of communication. People are realizing the need for longer tweets and this has facilitated research to find ways of posting tweets longer than 140 characters.

TwitLonger is one of the tools that have been developed to help you post longer tweets. You are required to log in to your Twitter account directly from the official TwitLong site. Your post will be displayed as a regular 140 character long tweet, together with a click-able link that reveals the hidden text once clicked. In the clipped tweet are the words (cont) to signal hidden text.

TweetExtend: This app allows tweets of up to 14000 characters long. You are required to open this app, and then type your message. Once you finish typing, sign in with twitter in order to post your long tweet post unclipped.

TwitterContd is another application that gives you the power to post up to 1250 characters o your Twitter account. Though it breaks the tweet, you can include documents, videos, videos and audio files that have a size equal to or less than 100MB in your tweet.

ezTweets is an application that works like TwitterContd, but its advantage is that it does not have character limit. You can post tweets of your desired length but in parts.

Another useful app for those who wish to post multimedia tweets and colored texts as their Twitter update is RichTweets. is an app for Twitter users who are looking for ways to share their long tweets in the form of a link. Once you save your text o this application, it generates a short URL that your followers can click to read your entire message. does not have character limit.

Another application that works like is TinyPaste. The only difference is that TinyPaste allows you type in your message faster since it has in-built formatting buttons.

TweetCut is an application that helps you clip unnecessarily long words to common abbreviations. By doing this, you are able to create more space for a longer tweet. It is time-efficient since you do not have to keep searching on the commonly used abbreviations for the words you are using. Choosing abbreviations manually can be mind-boggling and you may end up generating uncommon abbreviations thus leading to misinterpretation and confusion among your followers.

It is important to note that each app has its own character limit. Select one that meets your needs. Other applications that can be used to post longer tweets include the following:
  • MaxiTweets allows you to post a 200 character-long tweet
  • JumboTweet
  • Long Tweets
  • TweetCut
  • Twextra
  • XLTweet
  • Tall Tweets
  • Posterous
  • TwerBose
  • Other Mozilla Firefox add-ons
It is clearly evident that the micro-blogging format of Twitter does not seem to favor every one. Some users wish to express themselves in more words. Yet, some concepts are better understood when accompanied by videos, images or even audio. Document attachments even make some concepts more comprehensible but unfortunately, Twitter does not accommodate for these options. While it is possible for you to abbreviate some of your words to reduce the number of characters and create more space for extra letters, this does not solve the problem; you end up with the 140 characters but only in abbreviated and contracted forms. Bloggers and website owners are better placed when it comes to posting Twitter updates, because they only need to install a Twitter plug in on their websites and then Twitter will automatically generate a link that directs readers to the source. However, this service does not favor the average Twitter user who owns neither a blog nor a website. How can you post longer tweets under such circumstances? This is when technology comes in. You can choose one of the apps discussed above to generate longer tweets regardless of their length.

About the Author: Rahul Makhija has been in the internet marketing industry for more than 6 years. For more information you can visit Baltimore SEO. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about human behavior.


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