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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How Google Adwords and Adsense have Revolutionized the SEM Space

Search Engine Marketing or SEM has been around for fairly long and with the number of websites that join the web space each day from around the world, competition has only increased to show up foremost on search engines. When you're thinking of search engines, chances are high you are thinking of Google, it did after all make its business with the search page, so much so that the very word Google is now synonymous with searching. "Google it", we say casually, which goes to show how important it is for marketers to ensure their sites show up well on the search engine. Most search engines, especially Google, rely primarily on content which is what every marketer is aware of, and for this reason almost all advertising done online has more to do with content than the strategies employed.

To this end, Google created AdWords and AdSense, two smaller projects which have nonetheless revolutionized the way marketers think about Search Engine Marketing. What Google AdSense does is change the way people think about ads – instead or irritants which distract from the job of surfing, AdSense ensures that relevant ads within a web page are looked upon as content.

This means that if you place relevant ads on your site related to your content, Google will look on upon it content, so the ads will show up in Google searches as content which will only maximize traffic to your page and help it get higher ranking. Google denies that putting AdSense on will directly influence your page ranking – it all depends on content; but the argument still remains that when ads are considered content, the hit rates for certain keywords and themes increase. So when a visitor clicks on any of the ad from your page, Google takes a percentage but the rest of the revenue comes right to you, and because Google being Google is so well known and trusted, people are sure to click on ads to find out more.

As for AdWords, you can create an advertisement for your website which you can place on different search engines such as Bing, Google etc. Your ad goes live when your payment is approved i.e. when you have clearly stated the maximum amount you are able to pay per click. It is a pay per click form of advertising, and best if you want to reach your target market quickly. When someone queries a relevant search, you ad will show up along with the search results. This is dependent on the bid for keywords and the competition you have in your own field, but because everything can be measured you know you can track your methods and your investment.

How AdWords has changed Search Engine Marketing is by placing ads right on top of search results, and because advertisers have to now bid for keywords (out of a choice of unlimited keywords, most relevant to them) they have to think strategically what works best for them and what not – especially which keywords are likely to be used by potential customers and which not. And because an ad is placed on Google, it creates an atmosphere of respectability – something marketers benefit from. It gives an easier platform for them to advertize their services.

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