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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

10 tips for Effective Searches in Google

Certain word or phrase
Do a site specific search and look for a certain word or phrase. Sometimes a website does not have a search bar built in, and it can be a pain to skim through every page. So go to Google and type in the search term, then write site: and enter the URL. For example, if you were searching for "shoes" at on burtons website you would write:


Word exclusively
In the Google advanced options, you can search for a word exclusively. In the options it says, "Has to include". You type in the word and the results have to include that word. Instead of going to the options, you can use quotation marks to search for that word or phrase exclusively.

For example, if you were searching for cheese, then you may have more luck using quotation marks:


All the terms in the search engine
Google searches for all the terms you put into the search engine. This does not have to be the case however if you use a This or That command.

For example, if you wanted a site that had either crystal blue wallpaper or randy orange wallpaper, you could put an "or" command between them, so as to bring up results for one or the other. Such as:

Crystal blue wallpaper OR randy orange wall paper

Exclude words from a search
You can exclude words from your search. This is easy; just place a minus sign before the word. This is handy if you are searching for one term that is similar to another. It helps to get rid of the many unneeded results.

For example, you may want details on "Top Hat" the musical and not the DVD film. It is good practice to put a comma after the search term(s). Therefore, you may type in:

Top Hat Musical, -DVD, -Film

With synonyms and similar words
Lots of words are similar but are not your word in particular, such as baby, babies, baby's. If you want the search engine to include synonyms and similar words then use the "~" symbol. So if you wanted a portable/movable/transferable shed, it would look like this:

~portable shed

A stock ticker function
Google has a stock ticker function, so if you want to look up a specific company, you can enter their specific stock ticker symbol and Google will give you information on them.

Stock information is put into a slightly different index category than other information because it changes so frequently. This is why Google have made it so that by typing in a stock ticker, one is able to find information straight away.

Specific types of documents
You may search for specific types of documents with a similar command that you use to look in a certain site, i.e. with the colon. If you were looking for PDF documents on eel migration patterns, you could do it using the filetype: command. It would look like this:

Eel migration patterns file type:PDF

Area code locations
Look up area code locations by typing the code into Google on its own. The area code is the numbers at the beginning of a landline phone number. Just type those in to see where the phone call came from.

Words with the same meaning
If you want to look up a words dictionary meaning and possible other words with the same meaning, you can type in the word or phrase followed with the word "definition".

This will give adequate results, however they are only based on Google rankings, so if a joker wanted to, they Google rank up a fake definition for a few days. This rarely (if ever happens), but to be on the safe side you can use the "define:" feature. So if you wanted to know what krocsyldiphic meant you can do it two ways by typing:

Krocsyldiphic definition

A phone number's origin
Search for a phone number's origin by typing it in on its own. If the phone number has ever been indexed by Google then it will pick it out. Often you may find its origin, or sometimes will find forums where other people discuss how they have been called by the number and who it may be from.

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