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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

How To Make Your Google Ads Work For You

You already possess some experience in context advertising: you have an ads, keywords, negative words, right Geo-targeting. But for some reason your competitors have better positions, their ads look more attractive and "clickable"? You do not have to go for professional help - to solve this problem is enough to know a few simple tricks of writing ads for contextual advertising in Google. Maybe it's time to optimize your ads!
  • At first, always use at least two-three ads for each Ad Group. You can't foresee which text will be more successful. In this way you can test your ads and choose the best one for your product. The judges will be users of search engines. After a few weeks you will be able to determine which of them your ads actually work and which ones fail and need replacement.
  • Sell the benefits: Try to put into your ads some information about discounts and special offers. It will make your ads more attractive than your competitors ads and encourage potential buyers to click on your advertise. Even a small benefit in the ad text can drastically change the situation.
  • Include into the ad words that attract attention or induce to action: Use in text words such as "sale", "special offer", "hurry up", "buy now"etc. Call your potential buyers to action. People want to be told what to do. It's old advertising trick - but it's works! But do not go to far and be too pushy. This may be interpreted as aggression and people turn away from your ad.
  • Always add to your ad text keywords: Ad text must include keywords. All about your future client think is a keyword that he entered in the search line. When the user see his query in your advertise - he subconsciously think that exactly you can give it to him. Also you can use keyword insertion to put user's request automatically into the title of your ad. This tool eliminates the need to create a separate ad for each keyword, but it greatly increases the relevancy of your ad.
  • Use the links to relevant pages only: As you know Google uses auction principle to decide which ad will be shown. In this sense, the very important role play relevance. If your text is relevant to your ad's landing page - you will have higher Quality Score and your advertise will have better position in the search results. Try to use words which are already present on the landing page. Everything must be connected: your keywords, your ads and your landing page. This is the basic principle of contextual advertising in Google. Following it you can save a lot on the price per click.
  • Use the additional features and ad extensions (maps, phone numbers, more web page links, product images ): This functions will make your ads more attractive and noticeable for potential clients. You can ad your phone number, tip your location on the map, ad some web page links such as "Contacts", "Online offer", "About us" etc.
  • Display prices (if they are lower than competitor's price): Also you can mention price in your ad, but it works only if your price is lower than your competitors price. Affordable price has always been and will be good stimulus to make a purchase.
  • Always remember about competitors: Context advertising is also very cruel and ruthless world. You must always keep an eye on your competitors: monitor their positions, texts, new special offers. If your competitor has lower price - make your price more pleasant or propose teddy bears as a gift.
Check your ad texts and decide what you can add to make your ads in Google more effective.

Author bio: Joe Craven is a specialist of context advertising and social marketing of He writes articles on various topics that deal with internet marketing, branding and business promotion in the internet.


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