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Thursday, November 01, 2012

What to Consider Facebook Shares or Likes for Effective SEO

Many relate search engine optimization with the use of appropriate keywords. However, the social media has gained in popularity, which has made it a popular channel for internet marketing.

With the increasing popularity of Facebook, it is important to understand the shares and likes for effective search engine optimization on the social platform. Research has proved that a strong relation exists between the rankings on the search engine and Facebook. This makes it essential for online marketers to establish effective strategies so as to improve their page rankings through Facebook.
Sharing Versus Likes
The Like button is a strong feature that has taken internet marketing to another level. This has offered businesses with an opportunity to sell their products and services at no cost. It is amazing how many people get to read catchy content on Facebook. However, the challenge lies with ensuring that the content reaches out to the target market. This is the reason why search engine optimization has to be integrated with the likes on Facebook so as to improve on page rankings that will enable the content reach the required market.

On the other hand, sharing is extremely powerful since it creates backlinks. The backlinks are able to lead readers back to your site, which increases visibility. By sharing information, more users are engaged with your content hence your site will receive increased traffic. Sharing has actually proved to be more effective for search engine optimization as compared to the likes.

Relevant keywords
The content posted on Facebook should contain relevant keywords. This attracts the spiders on the search engine causing your page to receive high page rankings. Ensure that you keep posting fresh content using appropriate keywords. The title tags should be very catchy so as to entice the reader to share the content with their friends who may also share with others and the cycle goes on. The trick behind coming up with fresh content is using descriptions that entice readers. You can further use the content to build links.

Sharing content
Website designers need to embrace search engine optimization using a different approach. Facebook has provided an open graph that enables users to either recommend or like the content. By liking the content, the user simply clicks on the like button and the content is shared to his or her friends. This is the reason why only useful catchy information should be shared. Once the content has been liked, it shows up on the open graph search. It is worth noting that Facebook is acting like an independent internet conglomerate. This is evident from the powers its provides users on sharing information and updates.

Quality of the content
Catchy as the content may be, it must comply to quality standards. SEO and content go hand in hand. If you publish poorly written content, the search engine will not improve your page rankings. It is important to note that the search engine is attracted to high quality content. Therefore, ensure that the content published on Facebook is able to attract the search engine so as to receive high page rankings.

There is definitely a relationship between Facebook and the search engine. Evidently, Facebook is making noticeable efforts to increase their visibility of content through the search engine. With the progression of this relationship, Facebook will have a bigger effect in the world of internet marketing. Those who assumed that the existence of social networks would kill search engine optimization should review their stand. while comparing shares versus likes in regards to search engine optimization on Facebook, sharing is definitely more effective.

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