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Thursday, November 01, 2012

How to Optimize your Retail Website for Search Engines

The online retail sector is extremely competitive and optimizing your website for search engines is key if you want to be successful. This isn't an easy task; even some of the biggest high street brands are guilty of committing crimes against retail SEO, but just because the big boys have slipped up, doesn't mean you have to make the same mistakes. Here are some handy hints if you're looking to boost your retail company's search rankings.

Keep Your URLs Relevant:
How have you structured URLs on your page? Say for example your company sells hats, if you click on a product page for a top hat, will the URL be related to top hats or just a code or serial number? If the URL is related to your products, it will be much better for SEO than a completely unrelated URL. A URL that has nothing to do with your product will not help your SEO efforts at all, keep them linked to the product and you will notice much improved results.

Don't Rely Too Heavily On Images:
If you're running a retail website, it can be tempting to rely too heavily on large images of your products to make your site look more appealing to potential customers; this however is a bad idea because unfortunately, images will do nothing for your website's search engine optimization efforts. These days, the best way to optimize your website will be with plenty of good quality, original text. If you have very little text on your homepage and it relies heavily on flash, something has to change if you want to see your site shoot up those search rankings.

Get as Many Backlinks as Possible:
If you can secure backlinks, links from other websites back to your site, search engines will identify with your site as being relevant, otherwise why would someone have linked to it? It's great if you can amass plenty of backlinks, but you should concentrate most of your efforts on receiving backlinks from popular and reputable websites as one of these will count for far more in search engine algorithm terms than 100 from small, poor quality websites.

Unique Content on Every Page:
You should have good sized chunks of high quality original text on every single page of your site. It doesn't matter if you use text to describe products or give advice to customers on how to get the best out of particular items you sell, as long as the text is original and there's plenty of it on every page, you'll be on your way to making your website better optimized. Remember, don't get lazy and copy text you have found anywhere else on the web, it will have an adverse effect on your search rankings.

Don't Become Fixated By Keywords:
Search engine optimization is no longer about focusing on cramming as many keywords onto your website as possible, these days content is king. All of the major search engines now have highly sophisticated algorithms to compile their search results, meaning that pasting keywords everywhere on your site is more likely to be flagged as spam rather than being identified as a relevant website to the user's query.

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