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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Make Money Online with Triond

Well, if you are wondering on how to monetize your passion for writing, then this article will guide you in doing so. There are numerous websites that pay you for your content, based on page views and ad clicks. One such popular website is Triond that allows you to publish articles, videos and photos. Triond manages a network of websites with niches ranging from literature to business, sports, home improvement, finance, health and wellness. All you need to do is register with Triond and start publishing original content. This simple and easy to engage content publishing website is a popular hub for passionate writers and bloggers who would like make some extra money as secondary income.

Triond is a safe website that offers writers greater flexibility and limitless article publishing opportunities. Moreover, it also provides the much required publicity on the Web with search engines like Google and Yahoo. Webmasters and SEO experts use this website for building backlinks. Writers can write on any topic of their interest, while finance, career development, home improvement and money making are some of the popular topics. To kick start your monetization campaign with Triond, register with the website and select a comfortable payment mode. Triond supports three payment types: PayPal, Western Union Money Transfer and Google AdSense, so you can select any one of these options.

Once you are registered with the site, you can start writing and publishing right away. Once you are done with your content, go to the submission page and paste your content. To provide additional information about your content, give your content a title and description, and then choose the category that best suits your content. Finally, finish off with suitable tags and images (if needed) before submitting your content. Your content will not be published instantly. It will be evaluated and reviewed by the Triond team. Normally, your content will be reviewed within 48 hours and the outcome will be intimated to you by mail. Again, the approval time for your article depends on the quality of your content and once you have gained a reputation you can get your content instantly approved.

Upon approval, your content will be published on one of the numerous websites managed by Triond based on the topic and niche. Once published, your earning potential commences and it may go up depending on the number of page views. You can view the entire list of all your published and pending content under the Dashboard tab. When your content is rejected, the Triond team will intimate the reason through an e-mail. In certain cases, they may ask you to make some changes and resubmit your content. There are three ways through which you can money on Triond. Page views, more the number of page views the more cash you will earn. Google AdSense, if the visitor clicks on the ads placed on your content page you will get a 50% share of the Google AdSense revenue. Referral, this system was launched by Triond in order to get more registered members. If you refer people to Triond you will get a 10% share of the referrals' revenue.

The revenue calculations on Triond are that you get a penny for every five page views your content receives. On top of this you also get a share of the Google AdSense revenue. The page views will increase over time and there is no upper limit to the amount of money you can earn. On an average, Triond writers earn about $5 to $20 each month with certain writers making more than $200 a month. So what are you waiting for, start writing for Triond and expand your earning capabilities.

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