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Sunday, November 18, 2012

SEO You Have to Know

There's no getting around it. There are elements of SEO that small business owners have to know in order to succeed. The good news is that there are tips from SEO pros that you can utilize yourself. Many entrepreneurs and business owners simply don't have it in the budget to have a full-time web content writer on the team.
However, if it's possible, hiring a contract or freelance SEO professional can provide a serious boost. Understanding SEO takes knowledge, experience and skills that only an SEO company can provide. Consider it part of the marketing budget. In the meantime, here are some SEO tips to start using today.

Understanding Keywords
SEO is built on the idea that customers are searching for you. However, they're going to take whatever closest to your business that-pops up on the first page of Google. You need to move up the Google ranks and this requires the right keywords and phrases. The fastest route to success?Start thinking like your customers.

If you're a florist in Boston that also ships nationally, what are your potential customers searching for? "Boston florist", "flower delivery Cambridge", and "flower shop cheap" are all things that your audience might be typing into Google. Pepper these phrases naturally throughout your web site and social media platforms. The key word̶  not keyword - here is natural.

Leave the Robotics to NASA
There was a time when SEO creation meant jarred writing that was stuffed full of awkward keywords. Google Panda, the software that decides your fate on Google pages, no longer likes this fill-in-the-blank approach. You need to inject SEO keywords and phrases while maintaining a natural, conversational tone. This is obviously more difficult than it seems.

A good rule of thumb for small business owners is no copying and pasting. If you're a national retailer, switching out one city for another will kill your SEO ratings. Chicago crystal animal frames, Atlanta crystal animal frames and Portland crystal animal frames are not unique SEO content. You will quickly lose Google Panda's favor.

You Have to be Unique
Unique content is 100% original and created for each page of your web site. Is this hard work? Definitely and it's why more businesses are hiring professional web content writers. Otherwise, it reads as spam and you'll never move up Google's ranks.

Google doesn't expect you to be a professional writer (although it certainly doesn't hurt). What's expected of great SEO is putting in the effort to write unique content, wisely utilizing your key words and phrases, and spending time developing your online presence.

Check Out the Competition
When you're brainstorming keywords and phrases, go ahead and Google them yourself. Your competition is right there for you to freely borrow their SEO skills. You'll be faced with a plethora of competitor's sites complete with bolded keyword phrases that are ensuring their top status. Start using these words yourself.

Create a spreadsheet of SEO words and phrases that work. Checking out what your competition uses is a great way to expand your reach. The companies that rate the highest are doing the same thing to you. That's why you need to take advantage of the invaluable information that's right at your fingertips.


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