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Sunday, November 18, 2012

SEO Friendly Web Development: Is It Really Needed?

With the kind of aggressive market that we have today, it is vital for businesses to obtain and maintain an online presence. Internet users search for almost everything in the cyberspace. A study has reveal that users do online searching before making any purchase decision. Thus, it is essential for a business to have a website that will efficiently represent them in search results.
A business website becomes its face and can influence a decision on its favor. However, merely having a website will not be sufficient. It is also vital for a website to appear in the search results of a search engine when people look for relevant keywords. This is so because not everyone searches using the name of a certain website. More often than not, people search according to their necessity. This is normally the service or product that they are looking for or the information that they need. If your website will not emerge in search results as people do search for something, then it is as if your website is dead. But don't worry as there is a remedy for this.

So, how can you ensure that your website appears in search results? Why must search engines select your website to appear in the first page than the other thousands of websites that are more relevant to the keyword? This is actually where the job of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. While SEO incorporates a lot of things like content, site architecture, obtaining links from other websites, drive traffic and many more, this article will talk about the job of the SEO friendly web development of your site.

SEO and the Need for It
SEO and web development should go together. Most of offshore web development companies nowadays are integrating SEO in the process of web development. However, a lot of businesses do not realize the significance of the job that SEO does in a web design, and disregard the benefits that SEO can take to their site while in the developing stages.

If a website is SEO friendly, it becomes simple to drive traffic to it. For instance, a lot of technologies can make a website to appear good but they are not search engine affable. If your web development utilizes most of these technologies, in that case you might be blocking or impeding a search engine as it attempts to access the contents on your site. If the search engine cannot easily and promptly access the content on your site, then it will not rank high in many search results. It has to happen with site architecture, technology decision, navigation and a lot more. With this, the role of SEO to your website becomes important.

Your website's content is also an essential part of SEO. Prior to getting your site ready, your web developer must know what your site is about. Once he knew of this, he can create a list of keywords that internet users may use to obtain information that is in your website. Putting the correct amount of keywords will help your website to get better rank in search engines. If the keywords are included to the content when the web page is being made, it will then save time and money since you need not go back to an already made web page to change the contents for the purpose of SEO.

SEO is vital in developing a website. If a website is SEO friendly, then will it begin ranking and will draw visitors from various search engines.


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