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Monday, December 17, 2012

Introducing 'DonorPro Links' - A Free SEO Tool

Search engines use automated bots called crawlers to leech visible content on the Internet. Then, using specialized algorithms, a database is built and a numerical value called PageRank is assigned to websites. When you search for information, the search string is matched with the database and those websites with the highest PageRank are returned. By optimizing the website, you can improve your page rank and the traffic. SEO is a gradual process and it takes at least 3 months to see the improvements. Creating and publishing content is just part of website maintenance and you need analyze the data about the traffic and other aspects. DonorPro Links is a tool that can generate reports about the websites and the ranks assigned by search engines. We'll have a look at DonorPro Links here.
DonorPro was designed by TowerCare Technologies and it's the company's flagship product. DonorPro is a donation management system and companies that use it have reported up to 40% increase in productivity. It simplifies the donation processing steps and automatically generates reports. The DonorPro suite has online donation management system, email, work processing tools, event management tools, label generation tools and inventory management. There are a lot of predefined fields that can be customized by the user. The company also has fundraising projects like DonorPro Links.

DonorPro links is an online tool that can be used to generate reports about the various parameters of your website. TowerCare provides DonorPro Links free of cost to nonprofit organizations. The website optimization reports generated by the free online tool can be used to strategize new SEO techniques. This is a unique service that is aimed at offering economical SEO solutions. The data that is generated by DonorPro Links can be customized and tailored according to the organization's needs.

The company has stated that they are interested in offering a service that will streamline the evaluation of SEO reports. By evaluating the reports, companies and organizations can understand the value of optimization. Even those without any knowledge in SEO can analyze the data and see the improvements in traffic flow and the changes made on the website. Generally, SEO consultation is an expensive process and may not fit within the budget of most nonprofit organizations. DonorPro Links will offer a free service and improve the visibility so that people can donate.

DonorPro Links can be acceded at

The interface is fairly simple. To generate reports for a website, you need to key in the URL. The online tool then gives you a score between 0 and 100. The scores are divided into 5 slabs with a base of 20 points. The score between 0 and 20 is categorized as New, between 21 and 40 as Emerging, between 41 and 60 as Fairly Important, between 61 and 80 as Popular and 81 to 100 as High Visibility.

If the score is not in the 81 to 100 point slab, then DonorPro Links generate reports about the possible issues. The possible issues listed are CSS Galleries Search, Document Links, Social Links, Dmoz Listed, News Listings, Linking Domains, Content Links, Total Links, Online Reputation and Page Rank.

The company also offers SEO services that you can subscribe to. The packages are valid for 3 months and you can extend it up to 12 months. By using the free SEO tool, nonprofit organizations can now optimize their site in a more economical way.

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