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Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Analyze Your SEO Competitors

Do you want to succeed in increasing your search rankings on some of the targeted search engines? Sounds overwhelming right? If you have a feeling that regardless to whatever you do, you have no luck with search engines, then one of the probable reasons may be that the competition is really tough and you just cannot afford, not to have an eyeball on your competitors. Nevertheless, you will also have to analyze your strategies too, as there may be a possibility that you are doing the things wrong.

To succeed in business, it is important that you understand how to analyze success and failure of your competitor. Here are a few simple tips to follow to ensure that you receive heavy traffic on your site as your websites do well in the search engine ranking.

Analyze SEO Competitors:
Whether or not you face tough competition in the SEO business, you need to be vigilant about your competitor's strategies. Following are a few tips to make your work easy:

Find Out Your SEO Competitors:
Before even you know who your SEO competitors are, you cannot really analyze their strategies and determine a counter-plan. Thus, you at first need to identify your competitors first;in an off-line business it is quite easy, unlike in other cases. One of the easiest method to find out all your competitors for your targeted keywords is to enter the keyword in the desired search engine and jot down the list of sites, which pop up above your site, in the search result page. These are your competitor sites.

Visit Competitor's Sites and Analyze:
Now that you have the list of your competitors, next step is to visit their sites and understand their features. How is the site designed, how much and how good is the content, are their URLs static or dynamic, etc. are some questions that you should seek information for.

Analyze Competitor's Keywords:
Keyword has always been the 'key' for SEO's success. Understand which keywords your competitors are using and compare it with the keywords selected by you. You might be using the wrong keywords.

Check the Competition's Backlinks:
To attain good search rankings backlinks are another factor that SEOs count on. See where your competitors have got them from. While analyzing your competitor's backlinks, if you come across some popular sites that you did not know about and have given backlinks to your competitor, ask if they can give a few backlinks to you too.

Analyze Page Rank and Other Factors:
Once you have analyzed how well your competitors are managing backlinks and which keywords they are targeting, the next thing you can verify is how is their page rank on the popular search engines. You may analyze other factors such as their indexed pages. How many indexed pages your competitors have with the search engines.

Social Media Presence:
Social media has become the most popular source of traffic pulling these days. To succeed, you must evaluate how is your competitors' presence on social media.

Being successful in web business needs a strong and successful search engine optimization. If you have been frustrated about how your efforts have been in vain to increase your search engine ranking, then you need to know what is going wrong. Moreover, if something is not going wrong, then what is it that your competitors are doing additionally to improve their rankings. Above given tips will help you analyze your SEO competitor and proceed to your goal of becoming top rankers in popular search engines.


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