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Saturday, March 02, 2013

How to Promote a Brand without Using Facebook

If you are currently struggling to get your brand known in the industry, then you must learn how to promote your brand through more effective strategies aside from Facebook. Even though there are many businesses that are benefiting through the advertisement methods on Facebook, it isn't the best way to advertise a brand. The chances of actually getting people to click on your ad while on Facebook is very small, because there are so many competition. Besides, you will be wasting money on Facebook ads and not even get the needed advertisement you were expecting. There are many other ways to market a brand, and those methods are free and are way more effective than people think.

How to Promote a Brand without Using Facebook

Making Use Of Mobile Marketing
The average person spends at least three hours on their phone everyday, and that isn't even including the time when they are emailing or surfing the web on their phone. Therefore, when people get texts promoting a brand, whether they like it or not, they will read what your brand has to offer. It is a simple business method that not many businesses are doing at the moment. It is fast way to get more people know about your brand while it doesn't involve you wasting any time. Plus, textile possible customers will not involve wasting anyone's time because they can read the text whenever they want.

Making Use Of Email Marketing
You should also consider to make use of email marketing, as over 40% of people read all the email they receive. There are so many people at the moment who don't know how beneficial email marketing can be for them. This is exactly why it is a smart way to advertise your business. Since not many businesses are doing this method, there is less competition. It is very simple and will really benefit anyone when trying to increase their recognition of their brand.

Making Use Of Affiliate Marketers
One of the greatest and free ways to promote your brand without using Facebook is through simply making use of an affiliate marketer. When you have affiliate marketers promoting your brand, you will be gaining lot of sells without actually doing anything. The only downside is that you will need to give those affiliate marketers a percentage of whatever products they have sold through promoting your brand. This is a very smart way to market a brand that sells intriguing products because it doesn't involve wasting anytime whatsoever. Although you do need to give affiliate marketers a percentage of what they sell, they will really help you brand gain a tremendous amount of recognition:

Creating Blogs To Promote Your Brand
You could also hire artists or writer articles on a blog that revolves only on the promotion of your brand. This is a very simple yet intelligent way to promote your brand because it is completely free to start a blog. This method will even increase your online presence, allowing for people to easily search for your brand online. There are so many people who don't know how beneficial a blog can be for their brand, therefore making it a method with less competition than other promotion strategies. Blogs are very beneficial when it comes to promoting brands because there are many people online that just surf the web to read interesting articles.

Creating Videos To Promote Your Brand
The last method that will also benefit your brand is simply making videos on YouTube that are promoting your brand. There are millions of people on YouTube everyday, therefore if you can get a quarter of those people to watch your brand promoting video, it will be able to gain a ton of recognition. Creating videos will involve taking time and promotion of those videos, but it still is a very effective strategy that will really benefit you. Your videos don't need to be professionally made because all it needs is to show people how beneficial your brand is and how it can benefit them.

If you want to have your brand known by more people in just a short period of time, then you most definitely should consider to make use all of the effective strategies stated above. When you know how to promote your brand, the process of gaining more recognition for your brand will become a lot easier.

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