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Monday, March 04, 2013

3 Innovative Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Every blogger wants traffic, and with uncommon sources, there is less competition. If you can get somewhere before others did, you can receive a huge spike from an untapped source and even write about it and stand out as an expert. Unfortunately, most methods of getting traffic have been done half to death at least. It is difficult if not impossible to find a source that no one else knows about. Still, here are 3 innovative way to drive traffic to your blog that are yet to be exploited to the fullest.

Previously this site had a dot com address. This is actually a code sharing site where only text is allowed. You cannot put live links or anchor texts in the documents that you create. According to Dig Site Value, Pastebin receives 4,653 unique visits per day. Create an account at Pastebin and paste your stuff there. Make sure your article is one that generates interest. Techniques that may be used in an HTML enabled environment do not work here. The traditional method of giving something of value to receive something else in return seems the only way to impress the visitors here. Select your keywords, use them in the text body, in the title and in tags. Set the document expiry date to 'never' and add a link to your site under the title and near the bottom where the article ends.

Present yourself as an expert in your field. Set up a small collection of useful articles in your niche. Update at regular intervals. Treat this place like a mini blog. Visitors from Pastebin are ones that are truly interested in your work - they will take the trouble to copy-paste your link in the browser to reach your site. Being too persuasive may be counterproductive with such an audience. Even if they do not buy anything, if your content is reasonably good, they will stick around to read. Such visitor retention ought to help your search engine ranking.

2. Yahoo Answers
Real people asking real questions - a goldmine not yet fully explored. Bloggers are beginning to catch up, though. Select your niche and answer questions. Don't just write anything off the top of your head. If your answer gets voted as the best answer, it will remain on top of all others. You can put in live links to show where you have gathered your information from. Do not keep inserting your own link in all your answers - or, if you must do that, make sure you have included other sites too. If you fail to do this, your account will be banned in no time.

Yahoo Answers is particularly valuable because if you go through the questions carefully, you can find out who is interested in buying. Beats having to sift through zillions of keywords to find the 'buying' ones. This, of course, translates to targeted visitors, again.

3. Document Sharing Sites
There are a number of sites like Scribd and Docstoc that will let you upload a PDF or a PowerPoint presentation, and optimize your content with keywords. Create a useful document that will arouse interest in your product so that readers may be enticed to visit for more. Create accounts in as many such sites as you can monitor properly and simply upload your document after saving it as PDF (free software like Open Office can do that for you). Include links to your site; add affiliate links too if you are into Affiliate Business.

For this to show results, you must optimize the document as you would a web page. Browsers can render PDF files without requiring it to download - this simply means that a PDF is indexed by search engines. This did not happen with old versions of the software when the rendering used to be done as an image. You will receive targeted visitors from among your readers as well as from search engine results.

There you go - 3 innovative way to drive traffic to your blog, as promised. Did we say 3? Here's a bonus fourth method: use an online resource like Odiogo to transform your posts into podcast. Why limit yourself to readers alone? Now you can have listeners as well, and podcasts are iPod friendly too. Follow the simple instructions to set up a valid feed ID from your RSS feed, and you will have tapped into a relatively unsaturated method of getting visitors to your blog.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online manager for Superior Notary Services. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about traveling notary.


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