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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to Make Money Online with Article Marketing

Now a day's news among the people of world is famous that you can make money online but with little effort. There is no doubt there are many ways you can make money online and one of them is content marketing or article marketing. The first question that pops up in mind what is article marketing? Like the term says marketing the articles. You have a good command in English and you think you can right on any topic then certainly you can make money with article marketing. I can suggest you one topic for your assignment that write an article “Role of Youth in Building a Strong Nation”.


You are finished with article writing, now it is the time to make money with your written article. There are two ways you can make money with your written article:

Personal Blogging
Blogging is one of the effective methods to make money online. The term blogging can be referred to traditional diaries. All of us can understand the purpose of diaries in our daily routine life. You have just planned to launch your online diary/ blog, you need to take some steps for successful implementations:
  • Download Wordpress Blogging Software from Wordpress site.
  • Install the software to your newly purchased web hosting.
  • Publish your articles now
  • Apply for Google Ad sense, Google will review your application and if approved you are ready to make money online.
  • Share your written articles over face book, twitter, delicious, faves, reddit etc so that more people can understand that you have written an article with valuable information.
Revenue Shared Blogging
You don't feel yourself able to purchase a web hosting plan or you are willing to go for a trial job before you can launch your online blog. There are many online websites offering revenue sharing programs. You will need to write an article and publish on their website and they will place different ads on your written article. If they have any revenue from your written article they will share it with you as well. 

There are many websites offering revenue sharing program and the famous one are hub pages and squidoo. You can also Google for other famous and effective revenue sharing blogging websites. 

Article Writing Jobs
If you think that you are unable to make more money with article marketing but you can write quality articles on any topic. You can try searching the article writing jobs in your area. I will recommend you to visit online websites with job offers like to find the job one for you regarding article writers' jobs. 

If you are new article writer, Junaid Iqbal will recommend you to practice your article writing skills and publish some of your articles over Hub pages or Squidoo before you should apply for any article writing job. 

Smjunaidiqbal is an SEO Expert by profession offering affordable SEO Services. You can email me at for internet marketing needs.

Note: I have already stated that you need to go for hard work.


  1. Dear Junaid: A great read for would-be bloggers and article writers out there, including myself. As the saying goes,"the pen is mightier than the sword," with the computer keyboard as the pen and the sword are the quality blogs or articles that are churned out periodically. Thanks for the write-up.



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