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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Viral Marketing Really Works in the Virtual World.

The humongous success of the song 'Kolaveri Di' that turned the average netizen's world topsy turvy, in spite of it being a 'Tamlish' song, can be completely attributed to the concept of Viral Marketing.

In actual terms the song has snowballed into an anthem of sorts with various interpretations and spoofs doing the rounds on YouTube and other social networking sites. The point to be considered here is that social networking aids viral marketing; which incidentally is a newer version of Word of Mouth Advertising.

A typical viral marketing blitzkrieg depends on providing consistent feed to the right audience, just at the moment it is required. Viral Marketing is like spotting a trend/fad and creating a space/thread for all to share. A case in point could be a discussion on a post/blog about a product/service, which involves many people, voicing their opinions – for and against. This creates awareness and hence it spreads through word of mouth.

Hotmail, AOL Instant Messenger, Flash Mobs are some of the success stories doing the rounds of the viral marketing scene. Some, like hotmail used frictionless type of viral marketing wherein audiences actually use the product/service and respond positively to it. In active type of viral marketing an active participation on part of the audience is required for recruitment of new customers.

Adapting these methods is no mean feat as marketing professionals have to hit the proverbial nail right on the head! And it’s not for the faint hearted, as things might go absolutely haywire and the blitzkrieg might just lose its steam midway.

The worst case scenario can be avoided by considering a few pointers:
  • The viral marketing has to be authentic. That’s only when it will appeal to the targeted audiences. There are times when marketers refuse to admit that their deal (product/service) has no weight at all and try all kinds of gimmicks to stay in the news!
  • Humor in a campaign always pushes the bar up. Persons belonging to all strata of life relate to humor, albeit the one that makes a point and not just nullify the need of the product/service.
  • Entertainment always sells! No guesses here.
  • And most importantly – the viral marketing should have utility; in the sense that it achieves what it has been set out to do – translate into good business for everyone involved!
The virtual world is a friend of viral marketing, provided its terms are not misused – or the friendship could just sour!

Author's Bio:
Divya Rawat writes articles on topics like SEO, PPC and other internet marketing strategies. She is working for an SEO Company which offers content writing service and various web development services for the past 6 years.


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