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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What Makes Your Facebook Fanpage Design Fan Worthy?

The popularity of Facebook as a social networking platform cannot be undermined. It is not only used by individuals, but also by business houses to improve their fan base. From fast food restaurants to commercial banks, all have their fan pages to keep in touch with existing clients as well as attracting potential ones.

A Facebook fanpage design is therefore important for increasing the popularity of your business, and making it known.  In this post, the discussion will be carried forward on how to make it more effective.

Make It Unique
A business fan page should have some unique components so that it stands out in the crowd. If it ends up looking like any other ordinary web page, then it is better not to design it at all. You need to brainstorm ideas in order to make it distinctive.

Do not rush into it. Instead take your time in finding useful resources so that you come up with something innovative. Adding more value to it is one way of making it special. Now, what does it imply? When you want to add some value, it means you have to offer something extra to your users.

For example, give visitors some tips on reducing stress if you are into the health care sector. Try solving problems of your fans, and they will be delighted!

Answer Your Fan's Questions!
The best way to add more vitality to it is by answering questions of your fan base. Be in touch with them on a regular basis, solve their little issues, and engage in a lively conversation with them. You can also post some interesting question, and request users to voice their opinions on it. All these techniques will help you create engaging content that users will love reading.

Add Video or Flash Content
Facebook also allows you to add Flash content or videos to take the website design to the next level. You can incorporate the 'Invite Friends' box, and also entice fans by using Flash animated graphics. Make the page richer by adding attractive templates. You can also personalize such templates as per your needs.

Landing Page Can Make A Difference!
This is most important. Half your battle is won if you are able to create a stellar landing page. It should be uniquely designed, but at the same time easily understandable. Your objective should be to attract as many visitors as possible, and turn them into your loyal fans.

To make it strike out, you have to think of something outstanding as well as alluring. The best way to do it is by adding quizzes, puzzles, surveys, contests, promos, and of course some amount of premium content. Surveys and quizzes are very effective as the online audience love participating in such activities. And premium content will also make users feel that they are rewarded for being your fan.

You can even take the assistance of any customized web development professional to add some call-to-action graphics in the page. It will enhance the popularity of your fan page.

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