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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get More Traffic from Your Page

Search engine optimization and internet marketing are just a couple of the tools available at your disposal to help you increase your web presence. Not only can you gain more customers, but those who enjoyed your content, your products, or your services, can easily come back. I have been working with an Austin internet marketing company for a while now and there are some tricks that you should keep in mind.
For starters, learn how to use your social media. Pinterest is the newest social media framework that can boost your traffic in no time. The biggest element about Pinterest is that it focuses completely around images. No matter how many times an image you posted gets linked on someone else's collections or albums, your link will always stay within it. By organizing albums and properly managing your Pinterest page you can give your potential visitors a quick look of what they can expect.

Is the content you provide relevant to what they are interested in or in what they are looking for? I spent a good time here in Austin search engine optimization Land and you would be surprised to see how quickly people can visit a page based only on a few images. Not only that, but just as quickly as they could come to your page, poor image organization or poor image quality can drive them away. Apart from this, Pinterest can be a valuable source of links to your page, thus increase your ranking in search engines.

Google has a couple of tricks up its sleeve to determine where your page lands in a search engine. For starters, Google Authority is a very important factor. According to some, Google Authority and Google Trust are maybe even more important than the number of visitors you get when it comes to your ranking in the search engine.

Google Authority measures the authority of your page in its specific field. If higher rated pages link to your blog or website, then your authority increases. This means that you are a trusted source for information in your field. Not only that, but getting links from a Google Trusted page, can immensely increase your ranking. This is because Google always aims at delivering the highest quality content to its users and also the most relevant results.

Yahoo Marketing Dashboard is another very powerful tool small businesses and small pages can use. The Marketing Dashboard helps you find out quickly how many visits you get to your page or how many search engines or directories include your page into their listings. You can even find out what your business reputation is online, something which is very important once linked together with your Google Authority.

Yahoo Marketing Dashboard also permits users to see how well their marketing campaigns work, what click through rates you get and how your pay-per-click campaign is going. This helps you in finding out what methods work and which ones do not.

There are many ways to boost your page's ranking, but with a little bit of research and help from a professional company, you can start monetizing on it in no time!

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