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Monday, August 13, 2012

Link Building Strategies to Power your Website to the Top

 In order for websites to be competitive, webmasters must equip themselves with the best search engine optimization strategies. Link building is just one of the strategies being employed to get websites to the elusive top stop in search engine rankings. Links are like tiny votes from other sites that improves your website's rankings hence better search results.
The rule of thumb when it comes to better search rankings is quality. This applies to writing quality content as well as where you get your links from. The problem with some link builders is they tend to focus on quantity rather than the quality of links they create. Focus on quality and quantity follows. For the uninitiated or the new webmaster here are a few of the best link building strategies available to you.

Guest Blogging: If you're going to write an article on another website then why not focus your energies on something worthwhile. There is still much debate on the relevance of article submissions with the release of the panda and penguin update so I would suggest putting your efforts on a tried and tested link building method called guest blogging.

The principle behind article submission and guest blogging is the same the difference however is the difficulty in having your submissions approved.

Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is an easy way of acquiring links from quality websites. It requires little time when it comes to writing an article but demands greater effort in researching for websites to submit your blog comments. Almost all websites allow some form of comment submission. The trick however is to find one which allows links to inserted with each comment. To make it a little bit more difficult you must submit to websites within your niche. If you have real estate blog for example you shouldn't be submitting to a health site.

Blog roll Listing: This is similar in principle to link exchanges. All it takes is to find suitable websites that allow you to post your website on their blog roll in exchange for their website being listed on your site. Those planning to take this route should create a blog roll on their site first which is easy especially if you're working with WordPress. It could be a hard sell when you've just started but once you've gathered enough number of websites, webmasters will be flocking to you asking to be included in your list.

Blog roll listing also allows you to create bridges with fellow webhosts on your niche which is more important than the link juice you get from their website.

Forum Signature Links: Forums are a great place to interact with your peers. Before blog commenting became a popular way of acquiring much needed links, forum provided link builders to make hundreds of links easily. Forums may no longer hold the same popularity as they had before but catch a high value forum and you've got a steady stream of quality links going your way.

Press Releases: This strategy is great for business websites who want to get the latest releases from their company. Aside from creating high value links getting the word out to a broader audience is much easier. Getting you website promoted on press releases is relatively easy. However, some of the better websites are paid services so be sure to invest your money wisely.

The trick to effective link building to is to diversify. It would be a good decision to never put all your eggs in one basket. As we've seen with Google's Panda and Penguin update, no link building method is safe from scrutiny. Article submissions, which provided high quality links for websites have now been downgraded. No one knows what Google plans for the future but diversifying and sticking to high quality link building strategies is your best bet to power your website to the top and keep it there.

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